Using your kennel name on a dog or pup you didnt breed

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  1. FB

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    How do you feel about that?

    Should you use your kennel name or do you try to somehow use the person's name that actually bred the pup?

    If you bred the pup and sold it, do you want or expect someone to use your name in the registration?

    I know I seem like I talk alot but Im trying to come up with some topics thatll get some of yall to reply so we can get this thing up and running and interesting. :whistle:
  2. I would hope the person would give me credit for breeding a pup and I would do the same for him when naming the pup

  3. Jeff Gammon

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    If you buy a dog from me. It is now your dog, not mine. I think this gives you the right to name it whatever you want. If people look at the ped. they will see the kennel name from which the dog came. (Only one man's opinion.)
  4. If i sell a pup its the new owners option to name it as he see fit , because my name will still be on papers as breeder
  5. John Taylor

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    I have no problem with the name they use, as the breeders name is on the papers. What I do like is for the new owner to keep me updated, good or bad so I can know and keep my records updated if it was a good cross or not and if they have bred their new dog what has crossed good with them.