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Guys many of you know me from on here and some I have actually met. I am coming on behalf of my dad who is in need of prayer. Dad is 68 years old, diabetic, has suffered two strokes, two heart attacks, and was left legally blind from the strokes. Wednesday afternoon his 33 year old step son who dad took in off the streets sheltered, and fed after being beaten up and left for dead walked into the house demanding money from his mom. She didn't have it to give and he had been drinking and started a verbal fight with his mother calling her all.manor if obscenities. Dad who is a true southern gentlemen tried to step in and talk him down and the guy grabbed a big hunting knife to attack him while Angie stepped outside and called the sheriff. Before the sheriff was able to get in the house and after dad had been trying to fight him off he got dad on the ground and stabbed him nine times. He punctured his lung, punctured his pericardium, stabbed him multiple times in the chest and shoulders and once in the stomach. Dad was life flighted and took 3 units of blood in the air and 8 units once in the ground in the hospital. He is in the ICU with a chest tube in and is having issues with air leakage into his digestive tract. Doctor said it is a miracle he survived. Dad has always been a bear and somehow by the grace of God he held the guy off long enough that the cop got in there and at gunpoint stopped the thug before he was about to plunge the knife in his chest again. He is in a lot of pain and his lung is still bleeding some due to the thinners he already had in his system. Thankfully the heart muscle was not penetrated. He could use some prayers. Everyone know him as big Moe. Please give a shout to the Lord for him.
1 - 20 of 93 Posts
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