Ups and downs of dog trading...

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  1. traded dogs with a fella couple weeks ago. Been regretting it ever since. He called me a couple evenings ago and said my dog wouldn't do anything, and wanted to swap back. So I was very relieved and couldn't wait to get her back, so I called before I left and he decided she hunted really well and was gonna keep her. Now I'm stuck with a dog that is even scared to look at a dead rabbit, much less chase a live one. :banghead:But I got high hopes for the little pup that I got off him.:up:
  2. fella told me once if they suite you %50 of the time you better hang on to them or you will regret it. I cant get rid of a dog till i have replaced it so I dont trade I usually buy then get rid of the dog i dont want thats the only safe way i know.

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    If he wanted to swap back why couldnt you? It should work both ways imo.

    Ive never heard that one before but I kinda agree with it. Im not quite as quick as I used to be but I've been known to get rid of one for some pretty minor stuff and regretted it several times.