updated pics of my pups

Discussion in 'Pictures' started by Preacher Wilson, Mar 25, 2010.

  1. well, my pups are about 12 weeks old now...its been awhile since i posted pics of the little boogers. so here they are....
    here is rascal...
    and snoozer....
  2. they sure have grew preacher

  3. Those are some good looking pups Reverend.
  4. Daniel B

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    Nice lookin pups you got:up:
  5. cgraham

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    Fine Looking pups
  6. RKW

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    Nice looking pups Preacher. :up:

  7. Bglenut

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    Nice looking pups
  8. rebelbeagle

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    good looking pups they will be rabbit chaser ill bet:beagle:
  9. jimmer

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    Who are the pups out of
  10. i bought them as grade dogs, but their sire is registered. Lee Belding raises these dogs, he's got really good stock with a bloodline that goes back for years in this area. all he cares about is getting good rabbit dogs, and if that means breeding a grade to a registered hound he'll do it. i've been meaning to find out the sire's name, so i can research the pedigree just for fun.