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Can't wait to see the finished product !!!!!! Looking good so far. My first I ever built looked very similar except I had used all 2X4's . Back then a 2X4X8 foot long untreated was being sold for less then a dollar a piece. I bought a bunch, doubled up for legs and used them on all other parts including the floor. Made a nice kennel. I had only three dogs at the time so they were kenneled all together. Later I wanted to add a female so divided it in two. It became two 4X8 foot kennels. The untreated wood held up fairly well, but started to rot on the side that the roof dripped the water off so I cut a foot off and put back together and it lasted several years again. Later I built another just like it, but using treated wood and going with a double as yours looks like it will be right off. This one lasted years and years. Today with me owning more dogs then back then, I still use above the ground kennels, using smaller compartments. My dogs all stay healthy. It seems that wire isn't as good as it once was so I have started using the horse panels from Tractor Supply. Wire was lasting a year or so, but the horse panels have been giving me 4 or 5 years. I cut the horse panels in half making them 2 1/2 feet tall. The top part above I finish with wire. I screw the horse panels on with stainless steel screws and washers. Especially if you have males the horse panels will rust, but before they rust to the point that they will rust through, I unscrew them and flip them over putting the rusted part facing up and reattach extending the usage for several more years.
If this is your first above ground kennel, you will enjoy it and your dogs will enjoy it even more, as their health will be so much better, as well as parasites have not been a problem for me. Just keep them on Heartworm preventative.
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