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Discussion in 'Pups For Sale' started by Robert L. Dunn, Mar 23, 2018.

  1. Robert L. Dunn

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    He will be one year old on July 3rd. Black, tan and white with nice conformation. Very friendly and quiet in the kennel. His sire and dam are both Chicken bred with many HOF hounds in their pedigrees.

    I have teased him with a tame rabbit and he has shown a lot of interest. Last week I released a trapped cottontail into my running pen in front of this pup and he went crazy wanting to chase the rabbit. That being said, he has yet to open on a line in the few times I have released him with other dogs. I feel confident that he will start and should make a good hound. His sire is a FC but I dont know anything about him except he is chicken bred.

    I have a pic that I can have my wife text but I cant text a ped. I am reducing the price to $200. I previously had him for sale at $300. I am in middle Tennessee (Beechgrove 37018). This is a weaned puppy price for a pup that I probably have $300 in. I dont run males.

    Larry Dunn
  2. Robert L. Dunn

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    Looks like I am going to be eating a lot of Chicken!!!

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    Is he still available
  4. Robert L. Dunn

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    I gave him away.