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ultimate rabbit gun?

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If you were gonna buy/modify the ultimate rabbit gun what would it be?

pump, auto, single shot, o/u, double barrel?

What gauge?

What barrel length?
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When I was young I didn't think I was hunting unless I carried a 12 ga. Now I only carry a old pump stevens dad bought me when I was a kid or an automatic winchester I just bought a coupl of months ago, both are 20 ga.
i would LOVE to have a CZ ringneck side BY side 410 or 20ga.
The older I get the more I like a light weight gun
over/under 28 gauge
Ive been wanting an o/u for several years now and might get one someday. If I do I think I want it in either 410 or 20 guage.

I usually use a 12 guage 11-87. I like an automatic cause Ive been known to miss once in awhile...
I don't know what I would call the ultimate rabbit gun, but if I could only have one gun for rabbits it would be a 20 guage pump. either Mossburg 500 or Remington 870.
My gun isnt the ultimate but i use a stoeger double .410. Its alot of fun to shoot and its light to carry. The biggest downfall is the price of .410 shells anymore, they are outrageous compared to other gauges. i remeber when they were the cheapest to buy.
I use a Remington 870 Light wt. wingmaster pump 20 ga. modified choke barrell. Anything bigger tears the rabbits up and I like to eat them. In my country most shots are in cover and fairly close. I've been using this same gun for 25 years.
I shoot the same thing as Mack, Remington 870 Wing Master 20 gauge except mine has a improved cylinder. I tend to need the wider pattern the older I get! Still love the 410s but shells are out the roof.

I shoot a Savage Modle 24-C 20 ga 22 over and under. Love it!
Stoeger Coachgun , double 20 ga. , 20" barrels , IC/Mod
Nothing beats a 20ga. Charles Daly auto with a 24" barrel. Both cheap and light weight. Now the hard part is finding them since they hault production...
FB, I am sure not the one to reply to this post the way I shot this season but since I bought that 1100 Remmington 20 GA. with IC. I have not missed a rabbit. I'm like James the older I get the wider my pattern needs to be.

We use 870's.
I plan on buying a coupe of over- under 20 guages this year.
Don't know what kind. Any suggestions ?
recently bought a Mossberg 500 in .410, hoping it'll be my "ultimate rabbit gun"...like MACKC, most of my shots have always been close due to the thick brush and my 12 gauge just tears them up too bad..
The Best gun I have for rabbit hunting is the Charles Daly Auto 20ga - It is lighter than my Rem 1100 LT 20ga. which is anothe great Rabbit gun.

I bring out one of my Rem 1100 .410 ga to rabbit hunt with it about twice a year.
"Back in the day" When I hunted with my wifes uncle,it was all about the 12 ga. Usually the 870 or Ithaca 37. I was young and hung up on the "More is better" train of thought. He used a little Spanish 20ga side by side. Now, I'm 26 or 27 years older and a bit wiser. I recently purchased a 20ga 870 to be used on bunnies,but I can appreciate the virtues of the over/under also. I used a Browning Citori Trap Plus for a few years trap shooting, and have a soft spot in my heart for the stacked double. When I hung up the game I was AA with a 23 yd handicap. Yep, the over/under may be my ultimate bunny thumper. 20 ga preferably. The low center of gravity. The choice of chokes. The short overall length even with fairly long pipes. Hmmm, might have to start saving my change.
I like a youth model pump 20 ga,easy to carry around, light and short.
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