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    I have a 2 year old male that is line bred Flat Creek with a Patch Outcross on the Top Side. Sire is a ARHA Champion and is Flat Creek X Patch (FC Flat Creek Danny, Tank Blake) Female is FC Flat Creek Danny and FC Flat Creek Blake. At 2 years old he has proven himself as a true jump dog, good foot, relentless hunt, drives out of a check and a fast chop mouth. I also have another male that is line bred Flat Creek X Weir Creek (Applichian Mtn Scout, Weir Creek Buzz). He's a very good jump dog that has extreme hunt and knows how and does jump "hard" rabbits. What I mean my hard rabbits, a thick cutover with not very many rabbits that sit tight in the thickest stuff they can find. They will not go into every brush pile like some of the other dogs, but if he goes into a brush pile, 9 out of 10 times there is a rabbit there. Had to dig both of these males out of a log pile last year with a back hoe.
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    Post a video I would live to see them run.

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    Mitch that is Impressive!!! Great job in the breeding shed.

    As you already know what you have is one of the biggest things missing in many of todays Famous SPO Lines.

    Mitch if I had to guess I would guess that you did not teach your fine hound to hunt like that.

    My guess would be he Hunts like that because he likes to.

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    Flat creek and Weir creek two of the better lines I've seen with hunt
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    Mitch Evans, where are you located. I have read a lot about the flat creek hounds. I would love to see some in person.
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    My dogs are not ubgf bloodline. Lol.
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    I will add search and hunt is a trait one could breed for. Our running ground have limited game. We select pups with that search and range within the distance we wanted. After a few generations we have pups that range the way we wanted. A dog could search very hard but if dog dog only range between 0 to 100 yard from the handler wont jump many rabbits in our country. We breed for pups that range from 0 to 1000 yard. Dog will go as far as needed to jump rabbit. Dog with long range jumps more rabbit than close range dog if hunted on land with limited game.

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    SE Ohio
    1000 yards? Wow. Rabbits are relatively hard to find in my territories too, but I teach my hounds to hunt close and we keep moving. They respond to my direction and are seldom more than 50 yards from me. I like to keep them close, especially young hounds, so I can easily correct them if they tap deer, etc. Just a different method.
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    This dog has extreme hunt and is a jump dog deluxe.

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    What you got to have for him Mike?
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    He will not ever be for sale?
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    Just thought I would ask!
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    Never hurts to ask. EVERY dog is for sale... I have one male I would never dream of letting go, but I don't dream of a Shelby Cobra often... And for a Cobra, I would throw in a bag of feed lol!
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    Good jump dog hard to find, I was thinking more along the lines of a nice Benelli shotgun!
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    Tell me something about your dog !!!
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    I am located in North Eastern North Carolina on the Virginia border near Lake Gaston. My wife has family in W.V.
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    Mitch, I sent you a PM so we don't hijack this thread.
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