Two year old wont open???

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  1. Alright I ran my dogs this past weekend for the first time since our deer season opened, jumped one myself when i called the dogs to me my two year old male got there first and to be honest i thought he missed it all together. a few minutes latter i looked over in the bottom the way the bunny ran and he was working tail waggin nose to the ground. rabbit cut accross the road maye 30 yds ahead of him. he crossed dead on the line brought the rabbit almost full circle when my old female worked down hit the line and opened he didnt open at all on three chases even though he was hunting and on the track. first time i have had this happen out of him 3rd yr to run him. he did it once or twice as a pup I just chauked it up to him not really knowing what he was after well enough to get excited. any input or tips?:headscratch:
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    I dont think you can make a dog bark on track, being that should come natural. I got 4 month old pups that had never seen a rabbit, just scream the first time they seen one run. Maybe it could be something wrong with his throat? I would keep hunting him this season, and if he does not come around, I would cull him. That is just my opinion. Good luck!

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    First, I am going to say that things like this are hard to figure out without seeing it in person. If he has been run the older female exclusively and she is faster than him then I would say he is trying to slip the line because she pulls him I would solo him and not run with anything till he starts to open which is the natural thing for him to do. If this doesn't work then I would take him out with her but keep him on a leash and let her run solo. Let him see her and the rabbit if possible but don't let him loose till he starts screaming and turning flips. If these things don't help, cull him unless you want a pet.

  4. thanks for the input guys. I guess i failed to mention he has been opening. Opened all last yr and probably about half of the yr b4 that as a put, this is honestly th efirst time since he was a young pup i have witnessed this behavior. I am honestly thinking the maybe I need to find someone around here with a training pen maybe he needs some more chases needs a lil visual to go with it
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    If he has been barking in the past he will probably start again. Did he bark normal last year or was he a little tight mouth then? You aren't running on POSTED land are you? lol:beagle::beagle:
  6. lol, nope not posted, ha ha. maybe slightly tight mouthed but when he hit a hot trail he was singin loud!