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Discussion in 'Field Trials' started by duke1, Jun 18, 2020.

  1. duke1

    duke1 Well-Known Member

    For those folks who trial TCP, what are the qualities of a competitive pack as well as the individual dogs? I have not been to a SPO trial but if i would enter, i think that TCP is more of a level playing field for my enjoyment (less bias). How do you build your pack and what are the traits you look for? And of course, how do you train them?

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  2. mitch huguet

    mitch huguet Well-Known Member

    You want the same exact thing you want in any excellent hunting dog only you need (4).

    You want dogs that HUNT!

    You want dogs that focus on the rabbit and not beating other dogs.

    You want dogs that complement one another with outstanding concentration on their work.

    You want able hounds with the ability to keep the line between their feet and can flow with it and have control over their emotions and actions.

    You want smart, intelligent and methodical hounds with clean mouths able to adjust speed and stay close to the rabbit.

    You want consistent hounds that can overcome any and all obstacles that always get it done without excuse no matter the conditions.

    You want hounds that keep constant, steady, flowing, controlled pressure on the rabbit with very few to no checks.

    You want super steady like an engine. Consistent.

    I have seen hounds that met this criteria win TCP trials, become SPO FC's and place at the AKC SPO Nationals and win TCP trials again after they accomplished this.

    You just want (4) good solid rabbit dogs. Good luck!

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  3. duke1

    duke1 Well-Known Member

    Thanks! When 4 capable dogs are grouped, do you constantly run all 4 together when training or do you change it up?
    To me it seems that TCP dogs are typically trialable dogs that are a little too easy? I could be wrong though....
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  4. Linewalker

    Linewalker Well-Known Member

    I run mine together with occasional solo time. Although all dogs must do their part to be successful I think the 1 and the 4 dogs are the most important. A good 1 dog to keep it moving and a solid line control 4 dog to insure an efficient steady race one that can scenes when the lead dogs are having trouble and locks down and walks them through the tough times. No me toos, they must all run the rabbit.
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  5. Bowguy 1

    Bowguy 1 Well-Known Member

    Op go watch one n see what works. A 2 couple pack is a hunt test not a field trial.
    Anyone I’ve ever been to the guys were awesome. Go watch n ask some questions. That’d help you quite a bit.
  6. Greenhaw

    Greenhaw Well-Known Member

    Probable one of the best around here is Mr Apple. He lives around Spencer Tn. He raised all his dogs and is very successful. I may have his number.
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  7. Linewalker

    Linewalker Well-Known Member

    This is a Club Hunt Test on a day the conditions were so bad that some of the packs couldn't move a rabbit...not their best effort but a winning performance.
  8. Linewalker

    Linewalker Well-Known Member

    Here is a little better example down in Louisiana .....
  9. duke1

    duke1 Well-Known Member

    I spoke to him a few years ago when i first got into SPO hounds. Most of his go back to old Thorn Gap blood i believe
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  10. duke1

    duke1 Well-Known Member

    Now thats smooth!
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  11. Robert L. Dunn

    Robert L. Dunn Well-Known Member

    Wayne Thompson and Jimmy Apple started in trial dogs at least fifty years ago. Thorn Gap was Wayne Thompson's kennel name. Their early hounds were Ike and Spike bred. Like most field trialers, the bred into what was winning at the time.
  12. Linewalker

    Linewalker Well-Known Member

    Here is the kind of thing that can kill you in 2 couple pack hunt tests...if you listen close you will hear the three that stayed together run the best time of the Hunt Test or so I was told...Bonnie got replaced by Polly and I went back to langue gets a little strong when I was trying to get her back with the pack..
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  13. Circle4p

    Circle4p Well-Known Member

    They doing good after you got her back with them
  14. Michael Gerace

    Michael Gerace Well-Known Member

    Mr. Purvis is always in the money. He always has excellent hounds
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