Turbo my Weircreek pup running solo

Discussion in 'Videos' started by Mossy Creek Beagles, May 14, 2018.

  1. This pup ran for 4 hrs ,no quit to him ,awesome hunt and stamina !
  2. Linewalker

    Linewalker Active Member

    Sounds great..good luck with him..
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  3. JohnnyT

    JohnnyT Active Member

    Looking good. That looks like rattle snake country.
  4. thanks Chuck
  5. yes sir it is ...here is some more of his solo run yesterday ,you see the rabbit again ,hes a nice pup
  6. egraffic

    egraffic Member

    What did you say that pup was out of? Where did you buy him?
  7. Weircreek breeding ...got him from Clay Thrash and from what I hear this was his last litter ,he sold out .......dang shame he had some fine dogs
  8. bear128

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    you can send him this way mossy
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  9. egraffic

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    How old is that pup? Can you post a pedigree?
  10. 10 months old
  11. Culverbeagles

    Culverbeagles Active Member

    Nice run. Says a lot for the breeding and the HANDLER. Rabbit looked bout as big as the dog lol
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  12. Thank you Sir
  13. nivensbj

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    They say where Smoke there is Fire, and he has the Right name Turbo, sound like a Race Car.....sound good Shawn.....like him alot.....Enjoy him love the video....I have to solo mine next.....BJ
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  14. Thanks Bj , I cant wait to get him back out this weekend
  15. jeffro

    jeffro Active Member

    Looks like he is gonna be a rabbit dog Mossy
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  16. Thanks Jeffro ,he's well on his way ...