Tricks for New Pups

Discussion in 'Rabbit Hunting and Beagling' started by Ripmochiro, Feb 6, 2010.

  1. Ripmochiro

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    What is your favorite trick or tip for starting new pups?
    Also, how soon do you usually start them?
  2. Tame rabbit in a small cage where the pups can run around it and bark at him. Usually about three to four months I'd let the rabbit out after a few minutes. Other than that, lots of hunting, slow hunting let the pup do his thing, cause once they figure out those rabbits are hiding up under those briars, they'll go. A training pen would be helpful as well. But there are lots of other plans I'm sure.

  3. FB

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    I like to let em play around with and sight chase a tame rabbit a few times too just to get em interested and also to make me feel good seeing them chasing and opening on a rabbit.

    I think you can overdo it though and cause em to only want to sight chase. I usually only do it a few times and hopefully after the second or third time theyll put their nose down once they lose sight of it and try to track it. If they do that and open on it, its pretty close to time to go to the starting pen.
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    I like to chop up a raw hotdog and get the pups to come to me when I holler Tally-Ho. I then start dropping it on the ground and yell Tally-Ho and make them hunt for it. It makes it a lot easier when you take them to the field if you jump a rabbit you can get them to you and they will get their noses on the ground. Don't over do the Tally-Ho part in the field cause you don't want the pup to think it's your job to jump the rabbits!
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    I just took my 2 pups out every time I ran my other dogs.I started taking them out at 3 monthes old. All they did was play around with each other. When they were 5 months old,The female pup started going out with the other dogs for a few minutes at a time. So I started taking her out with my older male dog. By the time she was 6 months old she would stay with the pack the whole time. Then I did my male pup the same way. He was staying with the pack at 7 months old. Now at 9 months old they are just as good as all the other dogs. No tricks just alot of time in the field.