trialing acronyms and beagling lingo

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  1. i'm hoping to trial someday and ive been reading all this stuff to gain some knowledge...but, my knowledge consists of my experience as a kid...(beagle runs rabbit, i shoot rabbit..and repeat)... there are so many acronyms and various other beagle lingo i'm not familiar with yet...maybe a list of definitions could help us that are new to the sport.
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    Read this from front to back and it will help you understand a little more of the info you are looking for.

    The rest of the info you will have to learn from following many packs of hounds out in the field running as close to the pack as possible without interferring with the pack running the rabbit.

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  4. thats what i was thinking FB!!!!!
  5. thanks alot guys! it sure is nice to have a place like this where i can ask questions and know i'll get honest answers.