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    Do any of you have or use San Juan rabbits or any other breed that you use to start your pups?

    Ive got some that the guy I bought em from called knotheads. They look like cottontails but I dont know what breed they actually are.

    Im having a hell of a time raising any babies off of em for some reason though.

    I dont really use for em for anything except to put in front of really young pups to kinda get em interested and excited.
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    I was told that a Knothead is a cross between a Netherland Dwarf buck and a San Jaun Doe. They say they will really run, but I'm no rabbit raiser?

  3. I have had many knotheads or florida cotton tails &dhound is right they flat out can run plus they raise in a pen or in wild .I have some comeimg for La soon. I turn em loose on runnen ground & they servive just fine
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    I couldnt argue about their origin but that could be what they are. They look a whole lot like a cottontail. If I can ever raise any I want to try letting some go in a field by my house and see how theyll do but I dont know if Im ever gonna raise any or not.

    Rob-If you can get an older, experienced buck Ill buy him from you.

    Ive got two bucks but they just dont get the job done for some reason. They get up there and try and theyve even completed the task a few times but I havent gotten any babies out of em for some reason.
  5. I think I see your problem FB, you got two bucks! :headscratch:
    Where can a fella get some of these rabbits?
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    I gotta learn to clarify myself a little better. :smack: :D

    I have two bucks but I also have 4 does. Ive tried both bucks and neither one of them seem to get the job done. They get up there and act like they did "it" but I havent gotten any baby rabbits yet.

    So I dont know if its the boys or the girls or both but something aint working right.

    I bought mine from Missouri and I also bought a couple at the Silver Creek Beagle Club Picnic last year. One of them died and the other one is probably old enough to breed now but I was kinda worried about trying to do it in the winter time so I thought Id probably wait till spring.