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  1. Does anyone know of any training pens near Johnson County Arkansas if so I was wanting to check this out. I have always started my pups stomping up rabbits for them. Is this better or worse than a training pen I just wanted to here some feed back. Rabbits are real thin right now and im thinking this might work until spring or summer gets here.Another thing what are some fair prices on starting pups in training pins. Thanks guys:headscratch::headscratch:
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    What town are you close to?

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    This is just my opinion, some guys will disagree with me and thats ok. training pens are ok if the pup is only in there a short period of time. once the pup is tracking, i would get it out. I personally hate these pens. I believe it can get a pup started a little earlier, but it can also develope some bad habbits. Ive seen dogs come out of these pens that are mouthy because everywhere they go in the pen they can smell a rabbit. I think a guy is better off trapping some wild rabbits and letting the young dog get all riled up and let it go in front of it. after he chases it, I would not turn it loose in front any more, I would just turn it loose and let the dog find the track. for what it cost to put a dog in some of these pens, you can buy an old slow dog to get these young dogs going. I have put dogs in a pen before and I start them myself, and personally i can't see much difference. If you start it in the wild, it might take a little longer, but it shouldn't develope bad habbits as easily. Good luck to ya.
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    The Turtle is right. Puppy pens sure make it easier and usually quicker to start a pup. The best thing about one is you aren't there and the pups do it on their own and don't rely on you .....Pups started in a pen seem to hunt better in the beginning than those that you are showing them rabbits.... Funny thing is, I say this and I started my last ones on the outside!

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    I have no idea which is best. We have just always just started ours in the field. I think I would like to have a starting pen just to get them exposed to rabbits
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    Jeff I'm kind of like you I like for a pup to get started on the game you intend to hunt instead of accidentally getting after trash. I like the idea that it teaches them to hunt for the game but take them out when they get to that point.

  7. i start my pups in a pen and i dont any problems with my dogs being mouthy because of it. although i do agree that to much time in a pen can create bad habits but alot of that has do with the size of the pen your running them in. jmho
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    I can see where the size of the pen would make a difference in running habits.

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    I agree with you guys about the good things a pen can offer if used right. but like i said i would get them out quick once they start tracking. A big pen with few rabbits would be great. Me and a buddy started littermates this year, one in a pen and one in the wild. both dogs are about the same now. The best answer is if you can get a young dog on a lot of rabbits in the wild, do that, if not get it in a pen. different opinions, different blood lines, different sizes, but the one thing we all have in common is dont we just love hearing these dogs scream on a rabbit. :D:up::D
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    I wish I had a good place with alot of rabbits to start my own but I dont so I always have mine started in a pen.

    I usually like to leave mine two weeks to make sure theyre locked in then I go pick em up.

    I havent noticed em picking up any bad habits so far but the next one might.

    As to the original question, I know of three places that start pups but Im sure there are more and I just dont know about em.

    Jeff Williams-E. Prairie, Missouri,
    Joe Hooks-Ico, Arkansas
    Gary Ragsdale-Jessieville, Arkansas

    Ive used all three of em and think they all did a good job. Joe has a female of mine down there right now that I dropped off last Friday.
  11. 10-4 guys i apreciate all the feed back
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    I get them started in a 3 acre pen . Then get them locked on a rabbit and run with another dog in a 25 acre pen.