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  1. looking for a training pen in or really close to Hot Springs/Garland County. I really need to get my 2 beagles in a pen. looking for either a leave with trainer or just a pen to use for a fee. I really dont wanna take them too far away so i can check on or work with them frequently or daily and see the progress they are making.

    Hey FB, since you have a section for folks to sell dogs and pups maybe you can have a forum for folks to list different trainers and things like that. not sure if that would fall under commercial or not. Just a thought.

    Thanks Chris
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    Gary Ragsdale is in Jessieville. I just picked one up a week or so ago that I left with him for a month and I thought he did a fine job with her.

  3. Thanks FB! I will try to get his phone # and give him a call! How much does he charge?
  4. I got ahold of Gary and gonna run up there tomorrow afternoon. to check out his place . sounds like he has a good thing going there. Thanks for the info.
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    I was pretty pleased with what he did for my dog.

    Ive also let Jeff Williams condition/start em for me. He'll run the hell out of em and is very reasonable on his price. The only problem with him is that he's almost 4 hours from me or Id just about drop one off when I picked one up.
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    i know of 2 pen's in Neeleyville Mo.
    10 miles north of corning. AR
    they will both run the hair off of them.
  7. Thank ya Owl Creek! FB got me in touch with one that is like 20 minutes from my house. Which is exactly what i am looking for so that i can drop by when i want and get a little training myself. These are my first pups and i am learning with them.
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    your welcome.
    it's nice to have one close.
    i have a stepson that lives in Montacello AR.
  9. I started Kindergarten in Monticello. Then moved back here to Hot Springs the following year.
  10. Yall will have to excuse me for sounding off like a school kid! But with Sassy and Delilah being my first pups well i cant help it. Well, I took them yesterday to Gary Ragdale and we wanted to see what they would do if they had a rabbit in front of em so we released em in the starting pen. Boy howdy! As soon as we put em out they jumped a rabbit and the most beautiful sound came out of Delilahs mouth! She definitely has a nice chop mouth. She made one round just sight chasing and then the music began! It took Sassy a little bit long (Bout 5 minutes) and she joined in with the chorus! I was tickled to say the least that they both seem to have good hunt in them! We let em have some fun for about 30 minutes and by the time we put em up Sassy has started to track and actually follow the same rabbit around and jumped it more than once. Cant wait to see the progress they make.



    Next time i go up im gonna take some video might get it posted up if i can.
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  11. well i done it again. not knowing the terminology very well i stated that delilah had a nice chop mouth. but in fact she has not. she has a nice bael mouth. with long notes instead of short ones. Bear with me as i learn the rights words for stuff.
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    LOL it's ok friend. it's alot to take in.
    but your inthe right place to learn.
    my doc dog has a huge bawl really stands out.
    i just sold a female that had a squall . my two young dogs will have a chop
    ( i think ).
    a pack of chop mouth dogs sure make for a pretty race.

    but if you have a jump dog with a squall mouth
    and every thing is real quite then all the sudden they bust out with
    something that sounds like thier ass is on fire.
    now that is cool sounding.

    another one i like is a machine gun chop mouth.

    ahh heck looks as if i like'em all.
    i dont know which is the one i like best.
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    She's still doing good.

    Im trying to be careful what I run her with to make sure she doesnt pick up any bad habits.
  14. where on earth did you get that Delilah pup? She's absolutely beautiful. I'd llike to have one of those. That other pup reminds me of my oldest gypp. Good looking dogs there.Good luck with em.

  15. Good to hear it! i am gonna make a run over there to check on my two tomorrow ( Monday) .

    They are from a dam named Zena and Sire named Skunk. I got her from a guy up in corning, ar. Looks like he is right up in your neck of the woods too! He goes by the name of Vandal Durbin and his kennel name is Buffalo Lake i believe. He is trying to get black with white ticking coloration going. I'll tell ya what she sure has a pretty bawl to go with her looks! If i can get his number i will get it to ya! [FONT=Verdana, Verdana]870-276-1277 website:
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  16. thanks. I checked it out. Couple of really nice looking pups there. Maybe I can work something out with him.
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    You got any reports on your pups lately?

  18. Yeah i went up there Monday and we took em to the big 40 acre pen he has and let em loose with a couple of his veteran dogs. They definitely have the hunt in em to make good dogs. They still dont wuite wanna go into the thick stuff but that will come. The suckers are gonna be fast! They already caught two of his tame rabbits that he had in his starting pen. So he said from now on he is gonna put them in the big pen. all he has in there are hillbillies and swamp rabbits. So all in all they are doing good and gettign to do something that they love to do!