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Training pen

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How big should a training pen be and do u use San Juan rabbits or catch wild ones
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Just my opion but as big as ya can make it & wild rabbits
A starting pen can be smaller than a training pen
The guy that starts mine is 10 acres with cottontails and a couple swampers and he has a small puppy pen to get them sight chasing.
Shooter who is there man that starts yours I live here in east AR.
Mike there i have a friend that lives in Sikeston Mo. His Name is Jeff Williams great guy He has a nice pen & strats dogs
Paul Petty Neelyville Mo has a really nice pen
If I was gonna build one Id want it to be at least 5 acres and more would be even better.

I wouldnt think you could run a pack of dogs for very long even in one that was 5 acres without running the rabbit down. It would work to solo or brace some in though or to start puppies.

Jeff Williams in E. Prairie, Mo. starts and conditions dogs too. He charges $75 per month and with as much running as he puts on em, thats a deal. Plus, he can show em more rabbit tracks in a months time than I can in three months.
Shooter, i know Paul.
i had my Kate pup down there back in September i think was.
i'm taking my new pup down in a few months.
He is a Super nice guy.
and does a outstanding job.
he has a web site now. heres the link.

I got a blackcreek male I'm going to take up there towards the end of the month super nice guy. This will be the 5th he started for me.
you wasent there with 2 or 3 pups at the end of august first part of september was ya?
i was there one day when a few guys droped off some blackcreek pups.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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