Training pen suggestions?

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  1. I got couple acres of pasture land that I'm tired of mowing. So I'm kicking around the idea of turning it into a training pen. Just wondering what is the going rate to use one, and how exactly do they work? I don't want to put alot of money into it, and then train two or three dogs a year in it. lol
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    My opinion is take them to someone already set up. I dont no but the cost cant be cheap to build, and then there is the up keep. Rabbits alone seem to be the problem, keeping them in the pen, and the cost per rabbit will empty your pocket if you are buying them.

  3. I was just wondering, if I could make my money back if I built one. I don't think there is one around here close.
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    If you have just a couple of acres (1 to 5) then it would be great to start pups in or just for personal use.

    I small pen like that is great to get the pups barking on the line, but will need more room to really lock down on a rabbit.

    10 plus acres is a great pen to run older hounds solo ad brace or maybe trio's.

    20 plus acres is a pen you can run a pack of hounds in.

    Rabbits and thick ground cover is the main thing you will need to have great running.

    Putting a pen up the the easy part. Keeping Rabbit and keepint the cover at the right height and under control is the hard part.

    The going rate is about 3 to 6 dollars a day to run dogs.

    Any more info just ask.
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    Just for information go to Bryne Fence and get the prices on your wire. They are one of the best out there and have sold a ton of wire to beaglers. Its not cheap but you get what you pay for. I would go with the Trac Plus HD 18 Ga. which comes in 130' rolls and has a 20 year guarantee, I believe. You probably are looking at around $5000 to $5500 unless you can cut cost on posts and gates. If you do build a pen be sure to put barbless wire at the top and bottom to support the wire fencing. At $50 a puppy you must start alot of pups before you are in the black but think of all the fun! You get to feed them, teach them to lead, down, and hope they start quickly so you can send them home because you need to get on to next batch waiting in the wings! I had planned on building one myself one day but I have access to one close by.
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    dblevens, It's only money and just think about all the friends you'll make. :thumb:

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  8. I don't need any more friends, I got you Roger. Wait, on second thought...:headscratch:
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    Might also try Alexander's 704-638-8475. Just finished a 1/2 acre starting pen and bought the 1" X 48" vinyl coated hex wire for $.53/ft. 600ft. was $320.00 plus shipping which was $85. They're located just outside of Charlotte, NC and I'm sure the shipping would be more because I'm not but 3hrs. away, but might be worth while checking with them. I used a ditch witch and filled it back in with about 6" of the fence underground (alot easier than trying to cover up an apron). Total cost was about $700, but I did get a deal on the used t-posts @ $2.00 a piece. Working on creating enough cover now so the freaking foxes & coyotes don't kill everything. Thinking about putting some juice around it though. Anybody had any luck with electric fence keeping the foxes & coyotes out?
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    i pay a guy $30 a week to start my pups in a 5 acre pen. there is a guy in michigan that charges $25 a week and he has a 25 acre pen. buddy of mine just got a dog back from there and they put a 115 hours of running on that dog in 1 week. so yes it would take several years to be in the black
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    Wait, on second thought... Now I've got my feeling hurt.:pout: