trailer for dog box

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  1. I have an old pop up camper box, really old, The kind that looked like a tent, all aluminum, that would make a dandy little dog box if you need a pull behind type, and I would let it go cheap. Its probably 4' wide and 6' long, has the little 8" wheels, needs two new ones at that. I'm just tired of it sitting in the yard. First $75 gets it. Would trade it for a decent dog box as well.
  2. Jeff Gammon

    Jeff Gammon Active Member

    You dont still have this by chance do you?

  3. Actually I have.:headscratch:
  4. Jeff Gammon

    Jeff Gammon Active Member

    Will the tires hold air at all. Just enough to get it home
  5. Not a chance. :D I pulled it home on a utility trailer. Parked it in the yard with intentions of building a trailer out of it, and piled junk in it. Tires are gone, gone, gone. Box is good though. Frame good, but little on the light side.
  6. rosco

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    I don't really need a trailer but for 75.00
    Can you tell me what kind of junk you have piled in it.
  7. Junk. Not $75 worth though. Duck Decoys, old trotlines, few bricks (dual purpose for decoy/trot line weights...