Tracking set up wanted

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  1. anyone out there got a 2 dog tracking set up that they would like to part with for a good price let me know! I am gonna be needing one before long just thoguht i would start now. As long as it works good dont care how old they are. I cant afford to dish out the kind of money they want for a new set up.

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  3. Owl Creek

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    they are high but well worth every cent.
  4. semohunter

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    i have 2 trackers a quick trac 1000 an a icom 6000 an d have 4 collars
    wiill take 500 for quick track and 2 collars and 375 for icom and 2 collars the quick track is 219 the icom will track any freq
  5. Jeff Gammon

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    You see alot of these units for sale on some of the coon hunting boards
  6. RKW

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    Look on,, usually have several for sale.

  7. go to they are from 65 to 75 and on up