touching newborn pups

Discussion in 'Beagle Health' started by FB, Apr 4, 2010.

  1. FB

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    Whats your general rule on it?

    Ive always touched em before and helped the momma out if I could or if I caught em coming on time but I was reading on another forum where a guy's vet told him not to touch newborn pups for at least 3 days.

    He said you could give em infections/disease, etc.
  2. Echo Hill's

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    That would not work for me. I clip their dew claws and see what sex they are as soon as I can. I dry them as they are born and mom gets them cleaned up. He may know something that we should have known 30 years ago but I doubt it!

  3. BRamsey

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    How do you clip dew claws Echo?
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    Ditto Echo:headscratch:
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    I would say just make sure your hands are clean. But when I tried to touch the only litter that i've ever had I almost got my nose bit off.
  6. RKW

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    I agree James and pups may need nursing assistance or special care if mom has too many and can't take care of them. It seems like you will lose most pups within the first 3 days if they are weak or unable to get their initial colostrum.

  7. beagleman01

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    i start messy and drying mine as soon as i can never had a problem
  8. i touch my as soon as she has them never had a problem with them
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    I use a pair of sharp nail clippers and just snip them off flush. They will only bleed a little if you do it the day they are born. I also keep antibiotic salve on the navels and the spots that I removed the dew claws. Mom will tend to lick it off but I keep putting it on.
  10. bglehound

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    I also use a pair of sharp nail clippers for the dew clays and dock the tails at the sametime. I normally due this on the second day like Echo Hill stated it bleeds very little.
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    My pups are handeled every day from day one. Not by everyone that comes up but just by me and my family. I believe it makes for a dog that is more comfortable with people. I saw a dog show on TV once where a woman was rasing a breed that were known to be shy. She would handle the pups daily, turn them upside down, roll them over on their backs, seemed to me that she actually handeled them pretty rough. She said that she had never rased a shy pup. Made sense to me.
  13. I handle my pups right away also. For clipping dewclaws I do them around 3 days old and use this match like stick for bleeding.
  14. I spent 62 days waiting on the little boogers to get here, I ain't waitin another three to pick 'em up and look at em.
  15. High Rock Beagles

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    Pups are born with their mothers immune system .Colostrum reinforces it. They are more likely to contract something at 5-8 weeks old when they stress due to weaning than any other time in their life. I usely tend to puppies before messing with other dogs. I found it to be a good practice.
  16. lol i think the vet is loco :up:
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    I bet that vet never raised a litter of pups in his life. I had some four month old pups years ago that had dew claws. They were for sale and a guy called me wanting to buy them. I was discribing them and when i mentioned they had dew claws it was like cold water had been poured on the talk. He said if they hadn't to had dew claws he would have bought them. I told him to call me back in thirty minutes. I went to the dog pen took a sharp knife and cut their dew claws off. Some of them bled a drop or two and some didn't bleed at all. He called back and bought them.
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    OK:headscratch: Ive been reading a lot about dew claws and I was just wondering what the need is for cutting them haven't been able to find a answer for it so just hoping that someone could help me out thanks a lot I have a litter of pups on the way in about a week and would greatly appreciate the help:headscratch:
  19. Sulpher will stop the bleeding that's what's in the match