Too much solo time?

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    I understand fully the importance of knowing what each dog in a pack is capable of,... or knowing what each dog adds to your pack!

    My question to all of you is,...

    Can too much solo time cause an over independence in semi young dogs? My young female has a tendency to ignore my older males after a few sessions of solo time!

    Not a problem at this early stage of her game! Only reason I solo in the first place is to see if they can actually run a rabbit by themselves!

    After I established that to myself they are capable,... I no longer solo that particular dog!

    Just thought it odd,... that she just acted unaffected by my older established males running one fairly hot! I DID NOT LIKE THAT!

    How y’all feel about this?

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  2. rienmark

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    I wouldn't like it either
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  3. Wilbur

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    Materjuice , another topic with two sides I get the solo time I understand,but I'm not trying to develop a solo artist I'm trying to build a team that works, plays,and competes together im prolly never going to keep just one hound or just run one dog honestly I don't know anyone that does. If they don't fit in my pack they prolly ain't gonna stay very long.....solo time is a bare minimum here but that's just me. Good luck........Wilbur
  4. will messer

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    YES!!! I ruined one outta smokey by soloing her too much. she was the only pup I had--she learned by herself and solo-"d too much and now she wont honor a pack. If they take her rabbit and start headbanging and acting crazy---she will leave pack and go solo a rabbit by herself
  5. I sold a dog for this very reason I worked her too much solo and she didn't care if the other dogs were pounding. She would only run a rabbit she jumped. That's why I only raise pups in pairs now. Establish the ability to pack and honor early in life. Good topic, and good luck!
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  7. Donnie Tew

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    I only have one dog and she was never ran with a pack until about a month ago. I "trained" her solo, hunted her 2 seasons solo and decided I'd try running her in ARHA little pack so I contacted a lady with some champion dogs and we ran them together 3 times and she packed up just fine, except she really drives to be in the front. I'm by no means claiming to know anything at all about beagles other than the fact that circled her first rabbit to the gun at 4 months solo and she's brought 51 to the gun in 2 seasons by the age of 20 months, then packed up fine when first introduced to a pack.
  8. Greenhaw

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    Mater, I do it a little different than most I think. When I start pups I run at least two or three at a time. I don't care how they are running till they are hooked and rather run than eat. Then I solo them to see what I have really got. I do not solo them long before I put them with something they can run equal with. I never run a pup with a stronger aged dog till I think they are ready. I think they somehow know who they can run with and get some of the rabbit.
  9. jeffro

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    Every dog is different just like people.The guys that do the best job of figuring out the combination that makes them tick the best always have great dogs.I believe in solo time.If they can't solo they can't eat here.But if they won t cooperate with the pack they just as gone.
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  10. Materjuice

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    Jeffro,... kinda how I look at it! They got to at least show me they can solo,... so I know if their adding anything the pack!………BUT THEY GOTTA PACK!!!!

    And they also gotta hunt with whatever they are thrown down with,... while minding their Ps and Qs in regards to trash!

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  11. Materjuice

    Materjuice Active Member

    Greenhaw,... good idea,... and one I may employ next go round!

    Thanks for all the returns!!!!

  12. Materjuice

    Materjuice Active Member

    Mr Wilbur,... no solo artist needed in this neck of the woods either!

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  13. huguejm

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    When I hear pups start I go out in the pen and look at how they are doing it. After about 15 minutes I have the pups I want to keep if any because they have the right natural mechanics. I pickup the ones that can run a rabbit but don't have quite as good natural ability and get them off the yard.

    The next thing I do is start packing the young started pups with each other and always stay with them and watch them until I am confident in what I am seeing out of them. I leave and let them run all evening and all night. I will do this with them for a month. I run the hair off of them. Any weak links such as quitting for any reason, breaking down too much, leaving the check too quick, competing too much an causing breakdowns what ever anything at all negative they are done and gone.

    After 3 weeks to a month of this they each get put out in rotation to solo all night. This will go on about a month. Any hound that is not steady regardless of speed and breaks down more than I think they should is done gone something they are naturally doing is failing them and I don't want that.

    After this I start putting them back together in long at least three hour braces or trio's. I expect them to get better and more steady everyday every week every month. The ones that don't are gone.

    Instead of derby trials the remaining pups get a full gun season at least 2 all day hunts a week with older smooth very experienced clean hounds that are pros. This is another fine culling opportunity and I take full advantage of it. The ones that make this have now become rabbit dogs with no holes in them that run very nice, cooperate and add real value to any race. None need any help running a rabbit at all. I can kill rabbits with them alone all day. They are not gun shy or trashy and will hunt and jump rabbits and do not quit. They also have a very trial able style and can hold rabbit with very few breakdowns. They get a chain collar on their neck with my name on it and they have real value in my eyes. That is how I do it.

    I have learned that with my hounds if a pup can't solo a rabbit right away and hold on very steady at what ever it's natural speed is it does not have the natural mechanics that will be required for a life at my house and it is gone.

    Many I have gotten rid of have won and placed in numerous lic. trials after I have culled, them and become fine rabbit hounds and made their owners very happy and this is great but I am looking for the cream of the crop out of my kennel and this works well for me.

    Anything negative, actions, sounds, behaviors or motions repeated on any kind of a regular basis by a pup or young hound is a hole or flag if you will saying to me I do not naturally possess the traits you are looking for cull me. And I do.

    Hope something in this helps someone.

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  15. JohnnyT

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    Mr. Hugue what bloodline are your dogs and what speed do you run?
  16. nivensbj

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    I solo my Dogs to ensure they can jump and circle a rabbit with no help, and after I do it a few times I put them back in the pack, I guess you can over solo them to much, make them not wanting to honor the Broke dogs....Very interested topic......BJ
  17. Materjuice

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    Mr Mitch,..... I’m gonna print that post out! Outstanding!!!

    Very interesting process to say the least!...... HEY..... CAN I COME LIVE WITH YOU?

  18. Materjuice

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    Nivens,.... it is scary at how quick she became over independent! Packed em back up the last couple of nights,... and she’s fine!
    I just feel at the rate she started semi-ignoring my older dogs, I could have ruined her very easily!

    Thus the reason I started the thread! AMAZED at all the advice and opinions that have come from a simple question !

    Thank you all very much!

  19. huguejm

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    JohnnyT I run Skullfork/blackcreek hounds.

    I live in the middle of the area that they originate from.

    I keep and raise them because they make some of the best little gundogs I have used. I am blessed to have many outstanding places to rabbit hunt with limitless game. These little hounds work very well in the places I hunt in. Pretty thick.

    My hounds probably do not look like or run like the Blackcreek hounds you are accustom to seeing run that have gone out of the deep south for sale or were bred in other states and up north. Many are very tri colored and very open marked. Some do have the black dot eyed look.

    The hounds I keep have pretty good search. They are not slow, they do not hang up and they have gears. Many are quick, snappy, gritty little hounds with very good toughness and deep bottom. They are of the gritty type. The ones I keep are smooth running, cooperative but very enthusiastic about their work. Many have loud very fast chopping mouths as that is what I breed for. Most are of athletic build and have good enough noses to get the job done without excuse which I think their style allows them to get the most out of what they have. They are close in the check area. The ones I keep are very trial able and most are FC bred.

    They are not anything new, or great and wonderful or super. They are nice solid honest little hounds that can compete and have competed favorably in lic. field trials in many states. I brought little females to field trials some years back and did very well with them but my main objective is gun hunting and pleasure running. All the hounds I have I bred myself many out of my own males and females. I do not buy hounds as I love to raise pups. I have never sold a pup as I start them all.

    I don't think any of them are world beaters fantastic or have arrived as I am still seeing areas that I want to improve on always working to that end.

    Lots of them have been and are outstanding little gundogs in my opinion as they do what I like. A good many that were taken to field trials have won and placed some finished and most of what I keep have come from those hounds.

    My little hounds are not anything new, great or fantastic but they are not bad and I will run them against anything.

    I sold a few this year male derbies to some friends in TN that are winning derby trials. I have found out that they can run a rabbit in the snow.

    I have a very well bred old male in KY. that a friend of mine is putting on several of his females. He is a blocky tri colored hound that was very good in his youth. I have some really nice hounds in my yard off of him. He is at Mr. Wills. He can be bred to if anyone is interested in getting some of the old blood. He also has a good bit of old gay blood behind him.

    Mitch Huguet
    Honey Island Beagles
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  20. JohnnyT

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    Thanks for the reply Mr. Huguet, I wish we were closer I would love to come see them run.