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Discussion in 'The Tailgate' started by nutbush, Mar 22, 2010.

  1. nutbush

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    Guys, I just wanted everybody to know that I really like this website. It's not like some of the other sites where if your not talking about one certain registry then you are not really accepted. You got guys from PP to SPO to Large Pack to Little pack and etc. I love talking about different types of dogs. I try to be open minded about beagles. Thanks to whomever created this site.
  2. beagleman01

    beagleman01 Active Member

    i believe ole fb started it

  3. That is some of that ole southern hospitality for ya. We don't care wat color dem dawgs r... we don't care how fast day r... we just like that fact that they be rabbit dawgs :thumb:
  4. FB

    FB Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks for the compliment and Im glad you like the site.

    Its still new and hopefully has alot of growing to do but the plan from the start has been to try to have something for everyone as far as registries, style of dogs, etc.

    Im kinda like you and most of the other guys on here. I just like to talk about beagles and all the things that go with em. :thumb: