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This mornings hunt

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We only got 4,but boy did we have some awsome running.We had some of the best races I have heard all year this morning.All the rabbits we killed were cottontails but listening to the dogs run you would have thought they were running swampers.The dogs would jump and go almost out of hearing before they circled back.It was thick were we were at and shooting was tough all the rabbits made several circles before we finnally got them.The picture is of my buddies Bradly Miller and Poss Walker they killed all the rabbits I never fired a shot but I really enjoyed getting to hear those dogs run I was sure proud of them today.
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Glad to hear ya'll had a successful and enjoyable day. I just got back in myself from the beagle club . This has been one of the best scenting days I have seen in a long time. We, Rev Larry Eubanks and myself, have run all day since around 8:00 this morning till after 2:00, We ran young stuff, old stuff and some just stuff and all packs could lock on and drive with minimal checks and breakdowns. Gotta love them high scent days cause they will make you think you really have got something and all the aggravation is worth it!

Hopefully the scenting conditions will stay good for the next couple of days.last I looked they were calling for rain tommorrow but then clearing off Sunday. I won't get to go tommorrow but we've got a swamped hunt lined up Sunday afternoon hopefully they will be able to run them like they did today.sounds like you guys had a great day also.
Hope Iget to go tomorrow and sunday and have good races like ya;ll had
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