Thinking about making this cross....

Discussion in 'Breeding, Bloodlines, and Pedigrees' started by deltadog, Apr 13, 2010.

  1. deltadog

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  2. Bglenut

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    Looks good to me - Keep me in mind on a female and male pup if you do make that cross.

  3. plumber

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    Looks nice :thumb:. Anybody got some photos of Doc? Who owns him, and whats he like?
  4. deltadog

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    BGLNUT, I will be keeping all of

    Plumber, he's not at stud to the public...Owners wishes. He runs a rabbit in a quick, energetic manner to overtake the rabbit. Placed at the AKC Nationals several yrs ago. Good hound with some fine blackcreek blood. He has 3 littermates that finished as well. Good producing blood..
  5. thought you said i get all the big females lol
  6. Bglenut

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    Don't worry M. Wallace - He wont keep them very long. They will run TOO MUCH RABBIT for him - LOL
  7. deltadog

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    Mitchell I hope none of the females go big... ha!
    Also there is a FC Buck male here that placed at the derby championship thats off FC Buck and a FC bitch thats out of Mcurdys Spotted Ace. I really like him. That Dead Man Walking dog Mitchell is line-bred Rock too...

    BGLNUT, rather get picked up from the front then back, lol! :up:
  8. Bglenut

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    :D Thats how we roll . :D

  9. David, Wayne starting to rub off on Derek. He's got a good strong male this year derby.
  10. Bglenut

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    Somebody needed to rub off on him. LOL -

    Derek is a good guy and knows a good hound, glad he has a good one. Maybe he wont be so scared to head off to the trials this year with a good hound.

    Derek should know I like joking with him.
  11. Havard

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    Amen to getting picked up on the front, than off the back!! I heard a wise 'ol man (popcorn)(lol) say that to me one time, and I started looking to that kind of bloodline for hounds. I like it alot!

  12. bglehound

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    looks like a nice cross, you have a picture of Doc