The WICKED WITCH is dead!!!!

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    3 words! God Bless America
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  2. Addi

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    Supreme Court Justices who support the Constitution are more important than the political philosophy ofPresident or Congress.
    They serve for their lifetime. If Trump can install young Justices, the Constitutional Conservatives would protect the country for decades.
    We need a clear majority to over ride the turncoat Roberts. I suspect the Progressives have some pictures of Roberts with Clinton on Pedo Island. He seems to always vote with the deep state every time there is a close decision.
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  3. Robert L. Dunn

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    Well this will get interesting and heated. Mitch McConnell and a couple more leading senators took the opposite route when the Dems controlled and attempted to place their candidate before the election a few years back. Our republican officials are going to have to back paddle and eat their word on this one. Two or three republican senators have already said they will not support placing a replacement Judge until after the election.

    The President has several candidate on a list, several are women and one is a latin american candidate. The other problem for us is that the President may have to pull off of the campaign trail in order to get this done before the election. I am afraid that it is going to be tough enough for him as things are without this distraction. He will be getting my vote again but if he looses he needs to look into the mirror and slap his big mouth for betraying him. A word not said is hard to be held against you.
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  4. Materjuice

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    Soso, MS
    That is SO true Mr Addi!
    The SCOTUS sets the moral direction of the Republic!!!
    A conservative bench makes it very difficult for EITHER party to run amok!!!

    Your on a roll with these strong post!

    Whats gotten into you?

    Seriously.... VERY GOOD POST!!!


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    Trump will and should get a female justice in place.
    The Dems already said they will advocate for more justices if Biden gets elected to make it more Democrat friendly.
    Republicans need to stay unified so the justice can be put in the vacant seat.
    Time will tell!
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  6. Materjuice

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    Soso, MS
    The 2 Republican females... (Collins & Murkowski),... should be voted out ASAP!
    They are but Democrats in Republican dress!
    Romney ain’t got a clue what he is!

    Like you say.... time will tell!

  7. Addi

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    I saw a "Joke" that he was going to nominate Joe Biden for Justice.
    Knowing the Dems will expose or even fabricate all Joes sexual escapades.

    In regard to whether the nomination should be made, pre election, Mitch gave an explanation yesterday. Its in keeping with all past nominations over a hundred the past years.
    It he President and Senate leaders are of the same party, the nomination should go forward. If the President and Senate control are of different parties, it should be postponed until after the election.
    The Fake media, as usual, is telling us that Mitch is using a double standard. They are lying.

    “Here is what I said on the Senate floor the very first session day after Justice Scalia passed. Quote: “The Senate has not filled a vacancy arising in an election year when there was divided government since 1888, almost 130 years ago.”

    “Here is what I said the next day, when I spoke to the press for the first time on the subject: ‘[You] have to go back to 1888, when Grover Cleveland was president, to find the last time a vacancy created in a presidential-election year was approved by a Senate of a different party.’

    “As of then, only six prior times in American history had a Supreme Court vacancy arisen in a presidential election year, and the President sent a nomination that year to a Senate of the opposite party.

    “The majority of those times, the outcome was exactly what happened in 2016: No confirmation. The historically normal outcome in divided government.

    “President Obama was asking Senate Republicans for an unusual favor that had last been granted nearly 130 years prior. But voters had explicitly elected our majority to check and balance the end of his presidency. So we stuck with the historical norm.

    “And by the way, in so doing, our majority did precisely what Democrats had indicated they would do themselves.

    “In 1992, Democrats controlled the Senate opposite President Bush 41. Then-Senator Joe Biden chaired the Judiciary Committee. Unprompted, he publicly declared that his committee might refuse to cooperate if a vacancy arose and the Republican president tried to fill it.

    “In 2007, Democrats controlled the Senate opposite President Bush 43. And with more than a year left in the President’s term, the current Democratic Leader declared that ‘except in extraordinary circumstances,’ the opposite-party Senate should boycott any further confirmations to the Supreme Court.

    So in 2016, Senate Republicans did not only maintain the historical norm. We also ran the Biden-Schumer playbook.

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  8. TaterNort

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    The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit and a broken and contrite heart. Psalm 51:17. What send a person to hell is rejecting Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour . Reading the Bible we find out what God hates in Proverbs 6:16-19 along with hands that shed innocent blood is listed, a proud look, and lying tongue feet that run to mischief along with 3 more. We know the story of Sodom we think of the Horrible sins of that city but in Ezekiel 16:49 the Bible tells us it was pride,fullness of bread,abundance of idleness and they didnt strengthen the hand of the poor and needy. Every time in the Bible it has a list of sin that we can point a finger at someone else if you will read close enough there is ALWAYS on the we are guilty of.
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  9. smitchell

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    We ain't seen FAKE news yet!!
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  10. Robert L. Dunn

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    I firmly believe Trump will nominate a female. Wonder what kind of sexual misconduct the left will try to dig up on her - biting on one's own tongue. I believe and hope that the Republican Senate will push to move on. Now this is my question and Addi you may know the answer. Can the left pull off an extended philibuster (sp?) like they did a few years to stall the movement until after the election? What the President and Senate are doing is according to our Constitution, not in violation as the Democrats are trying to argue. I watched Pelosi being interviewed by George Stef(??????) last night and he tried to lead her into disclosing their plans. Biden just said that he had one but was not ready to disclose it. There might be two sets coming out of congress and with Nancy and Joe heading them up they could be completely opposites. She looked about as confused as "Sleepy Joe".
  11. Addi

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    Apparently they can.

    Abe Fortas, an LBJ nominee, is the only one in history, that I can find that has been defeated by a filibuster.
    Like LBJ, he was found to be involved in some suspect activities. He lost support, and LBJ withdrew the nomination.
  12. Aubbietiger

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    I agree with addi and the filibuster ruling. However about 6 years ago or might have been earlier but the Dem’s did away with the filibuster and the Republican said then, boys this will come back and bite you in the buttocks. Guess what it’s here and that is why the Republicans are moving forward knowing they got the votes because once the house has their hearing for about a week then it voting time and nothing to stop the confirmation if they have the votes. Sorry Dems. But now that’s not to say they want come up with some stupid impeachment idea or some other far fetched idea.
  13. will messer

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    what i would like to know-----WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO REPRESENT THE PEOPLE~~
    THEY are still drawing full salary----what the hell
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  14. Robert L. Dunn

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    So true Mr. Will. If they were ordinary employees they would have been fired for "no call no show" a long time ago. One other thing. If they, the Congress, would have formed their own Covid committee and pursued finding a cure, a vaccine, the basic cause, anything to help those effected by this terrible outbreak, they would be on their way to taking the White House. But they placed all of their responses on blaming the President. If I were Fauci and Trump wins I would be looking elsewhere for employment.
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