The Great US Postal Service

Discussion in 'The Tailgate' started by LtELmer, Sep 19, 2020.

  1. LtELmer

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    Sent out two sets of puppy papers,same day,same time.One set to WV and other set to a town about a hour away from here. The WV papers arrived three or four days before the others. Gotta love it !
  2. tangibeagler1982

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    I bet they will do a better job with mail in ballots. Can't wait to see that!

  3. fatboy

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    My sons doe tags took 7 days to be delivered to an address three blocks away from the post office I mailed them from. A five minute walk from point A to point B. A few months ago my mail started arriving two hours later in the day, than in all past years. I guess they are busy making and storing democrat votes for the election.
  4. marshall dillon

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    Our election is going to be worse than Russian elections .
  5. will messer

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    we are headed for ARGENTINA type election.. THAT is why hillary told joe biden DO NOT CONCEDE !!! if the democrats dont get the position they will try to destroy the country
    if they dont win a bunch of them is headed to prison~~~ JMO
  6. Rabbitfootforme

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    Amen Will... they are going to do everything they can to keep from going to prison...
  7. Jabshier1

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    Fat boy , my nephew sent in for 2B doe tags a month ago , he just got it in mail this Friday ! Yesterday was opening day of archery in WMU 2B ... Allegheny count treasure are slowest in state mail back doe tags all time ! Better off going To the court house yourself buy them over counter... I got a doe tag for WMU 2D area mine came in normal time a month ago, but I don’t care I only hunt deer with rifle once a year blow the dust off old glory the deer slayer 30-06 , fire 1-2 shot During deer season and put it back in the cabinet to collect more dust until next year
  8. WVBeagleMan

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    We're pretty quick here in WV.

    [email protected] Well-Known Member

    Truck license tabs were due in June, sent the $177.00 to the Secretary of State in Michigan, did not receive my tabs, went on line and ordered again. Finally got my tabs in August, 2 months late.
    Yesterday I received a check from Sec. of State for $177.00 for my tabs. I told Lori it was my incentive check from the government, she laughed, I don't think so, knows me too well!
    I am blaming the mail!
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  10. ruger

    ruger Well-Known Member

    The postal workers union has already endorsed Biden. Mail in voting is asking for election fraud. The democrats know this and that's why they want it so badly. If you can fill the streets with commie protests and rioting you can go vote in person.
  11. Circle4p

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    I know a lot of union folks that vote straight dem. Said Regan ruined the unions and he was republican and they’ll never vote for another. I laugh and ask how much work they got when the dems are in office???? Then they look like they’re studying on it and I walk off lol.
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  12. fatboy

    fatboy Well-Known Member

    My sons 7 day delivery was from the post office, to the treasures. The post office is three blocks from the treasures office. I can not blame it on the treasurer.
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  13. Robert L. Dunn

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    As Ruger said, the postal workers union at one time had the largest number of union workers in the USA. Not saying anything against unions as I belonged to both the Steelworkers Union and the Teamsters at some point in my working career. They generally lean toward the left because they receive more "freebies" from the government. They have the numbers to sway things in their direction and they take advantage of it.

    Later in my career I worked in management with the company I retired from. That company had the largest number of Teamsters in the USA. They had a large political pact and used it in elections to fund the candidates of their choice. Not so different than huge stock holders who use their pact moneys to support the candidate of their choice.

    The US postal system has been losing money (millions) and being funded by your tax dollars for way over 50 years. All the junk mail has been given a lower rate than we as individuals pay for a letter. And unless you return the junk inside to a sender (company, etc.) they don't pay anything. I used to put all the junk back into the postage free envelope they provide and return it. If you return the envelope then they get charged. Mind you, this could have changed in the past 20 or so years but I doubt it. Our country could easily do without the mail. They also have an edge on companies that do freight or small package companies like UPS, FEDEX, etc. They have a monolopy in first class mail since they are the only ones allowed to use "letter" mail. It is against the law to send a personal letter to someone except through the postal system, even if you tried to hide it in a UPS letter package.

    I doubt that you will see any change in the system since they have been around so long and politicians feel a need to conserve them because of their history. About the only alternative we have is to do our communications through the computers or by phone. When it comes to voting, we will need to continue to go to the polls. I feel pretty safe in saying that those who open the mail for the mail in ballots will spend very little to no time in making sure the sender is the same person the ballot was mailed to and is a registered voter and a citizen. A friend of mine told me the other day that he has already received three mail in ballots at his home. Sad day in our history as a country. Integrity hardly exist anymore.
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