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  1. We fellas... I was all stoaked and ready for my first official entry into the trialing game. Was going to an ARHA Little Pack run tomorrow... and my entry hound "Chase" comes up lame last night. I have a young bluetick "Trixie" that has just come in season... I suppose he was either fighting with one of the other boys... or caught leg in kennel fabric... end all be all I will not be running him tomorrow.

    Now weighing taking his brother "Hunter" who can pound the bunny... but he dos not do well around strangers... afraid we would get picked up for no contribution..... but at the same time... he may hark to the first strike and surprise me....

    And ... do I take Cahse to the vet... he will not even put the paw down. I have him in a carrier now... low dose asprin last night and this morning...

    decision decisions....
  2. I'd have my bags packed, he'll probably wake up fresh and ready to go in the morning. I've had dogs do that and limp for half a day, thinking no way he can go tomorrow, and get up the next morning, and it was like nothing ever happened. They are tough.

  3. I am certainly looking for that result... As a precaution... due to the swelling... I am taking him to the vet to get an x-ray and make sure there is not a break... he will not put it down (or it will not move)...

    As for now... David and I talked it over... and I am taking Twister... we know he will perform... he runs with Davids pack and my hounds without speed as we know it should be okay. He is just under 13"... its a crap shoot at this point. But the analogy David used... "If I go to the lake I'm going swimming...". I am going to the tial regardless... business trip ya know:up:.. so may as well take a hound.
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    what Trial yall going to?
  5. Looks like there's a Tornado watch for in the mornin.:up:
  6. I believe the name of the club is Still Siloam Springs Beagle Club... now hosetd out of Alma. Brian Dunbar was getting it a formed down there, I think the lack of game here in the NorthWest corner of the state left the club stagnant... so they moved it.

    So here is the diagnosis... x-rays proved no skelatal damage, which the vet was certain the is what would be the case. Based on the swelling, she felt for sure it was bacterial... Spider Bite !!!

    So we are dosing with antibiotics and watching for any signs of skin loss... which would identify the injection site... at that point shave the area and treat the skin is all we can do. But may not have gotten enough venom to do any harm and all will pass.

    He was walking on the leg, pulling on the lead in fact, when we left... so he may be able to run in the morning afterall...
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    ddeter00, When you find out if the leg isn't broken Dexamethasone will take the swelling out. I used it on horses when they stocked up and a dog I had that got bitten by a bad snake. Its head swelled up something terrible so I gave it a shot of Dex and the next morning all and "I mean all" of the swelling was gone. I keep Dex on hand all the time. This is not just my advice, my Vet recommended that I use it.

  8. Where can I get this??? Street corner from that BIG HUGE FREAKY dude (sorry had to go the steroid taboo route :D ). Seriously though... where would one get this? I would be willign to give it a shot (punn intended).
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    I get mine from my Vet. My Vet is full blooded Italian so I'm not saying anything about the "familia" if you know what I mean. lol It is prescription.
  10. we use dex for snake bites as well. But we have also used La 200 (soft tissue antibiotic) for spider bites and it works good to and you can get it from the tractor supply or a feed store but i will warn you it burns when you inject it so you will want someone to have a good hold of the dog when you give them the shot.
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    I used to use LA 200 on my calves and it did nothing for them. I switched to Nuflor or Baytril and had better results. Dex is a steroid and will really take out the swelling. I started using it on my calfroping horses that may stand in the stall or trailor too long and they would stock up or rather their legs would swell down around the hock. Dex would relieve the swelling. Don't use Nuflor or Baytril on a dog!