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  1. If you got a pack of slow-medium dogs and you throw a fast dog into the mix, reckon the slow dogs will speed up or will the fast dogs slow down? Or will there be one always out front ahead of the pack?
  2. plumber

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    I think you would get a mix, some slow and some faster.

  3. I would say that some of your slower dogs would speed up
  4. kindda what I'm thinking. You either catch up or get left behind. Hope they can learn to keep up.
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    Really would depend on what's between their ears. Speed of the pack that you consider on the slower side may be their comfort zone and they probably won't run as well if pulled by a faster gait ed hound. Some may try the faster pace that a quicker and snapper hound is able to pursue but they wouldn't be comfortable as they would be in their natural gait/speed. The real smart ones won't even try! Next be sure the faster hound is honest and appears to be a clean running hound instead of a faulty, reaching, front end hog that will ruin the slower hounds. Very few of the faster ones that I have seen will slow down to a slower speed on good scent just because his/her pack mates want to run in their comfort zone and would not pull up to his/her speed. Speed doesn't scare me if one has brains and nose to handle it. JMHO

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    What he said! Happened to me this week. :beagle::beagle: :beagle:

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    Running them together can create bad habbits on the part of some slower dogs. Some will do whatever it takes to keep up. You will also have more splits ( dogs running different rabbits) I think it would just be a pain in general. I don't recommend it, but I am far from being an expert.