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    Something happened this afternoon that I won't soon forget. I drove down to Vicksburg, Ms. to meet bglehound and buy a 20 Ga. shotgun from him. He drove over from Jackson to meet me. I told him on the phone that I would find a place just off the interstate to meet. My wife saw the Crackerbarrel sign so we took that exit but it was a little farther than I had planned to go from I 20. bglehaound said he knew where it was so that was fine. After we made the trade and visited a few minutes my wife and I went inside to eat. While we were enjoying our lunch I noticed a man with his wife two daughters and grand-daughter eating across the room. He was becoming very still and he looked like he might be praying then his wife started to ask him was he alright. By now his head was almost in his plate and she started screaming for help. He was choking and I guess he started out not wanting someone to see him until it was almost too late. I ran over to him and asked if he was choking, he nodded his head so I got him up and gave him the heimlich procedure. At first he didn't respond so I intensified the pumping and the food came dislodged along with everything else and he began to breath again. He was alright and his family relieved. That was the first time I ever had to do that and I'm thankful that I could help.

    As serious as this was there seems to be someone to say or do something humerous. While I was gone to restroom to clean and wash my hands one of the young girls working there asked my wife if I was certfied in CPR. My wife told her I had that training when I worked for the AHP. The young girl said he did good. I asked my wife if she told her that wasn't CPR and she said no I didn't think it would matter.


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    You should now realize that you were sent there for a reason, Ya'll were not lost... Most folks now choose not to get involved even if they have the training.
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    What a lucky guy! That would be a bad way to go.
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    good job it was meant for you to go to Cracker Barrel
  6. Well, I guess its good that you got that gun and not me after all. I don't know CPR. Good job Roger, we're proud of you.
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    Wow, I cant believe I didnt see this thread till just now...

    I dont know what to say other than its a good thing that you were there and Im sure the man and his family appreciate your help.
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    Maybe our meeting at Crackerbarrel was meant to happen , I hope you enjoy the twenty gauge and maybe this fall we can get together to shoot a few bunnies with it.

    Robert Garrett
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    Robert things happen for a reason if we stop to think about it. I am certainly pleased with the 20 ga. I haven't missed a rabbit since I bought it from you. I would enjoy doing some hunting with you. I hope I can have some time to do that. I never know with my job where I will be.

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    You know good things happen for a reason. We all have a purpose in life, sometimes we choose not to fullfill them. Just want to let you know you did good.
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    Good job, the first life you save is a huge deal! You will remmember this forever. Just remmember forever almost came to the other guy had you not been there.:up:
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    You did a very good job. A lot of people would not have wanted to get involved, a lot of people wouldn't have known what to do and a lot of people would have frozen up. I was in law inforcement for 32 years and took cpr and one thing they taught us was that certain states has what is called the good samaritan law. This law keeps you from being sued if you come upon a accident scene and you do what you can save a life.
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    Thanks Salzer, I was an officer for the Ark. Highway Police for almost 4 years and took the same training. I'm scheduled to re-certify my CPR and Environmental first aid training next week if I am still home. I don't know if Arkansas has the good samaritan law or not but I was in Mississippi. You are right no one went to help the man or me for that matter. It makes you kind of wonder about this world we live in. Maybe they just didn't know what to do. I'm just glad the man was alright.

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    great job saving that mans life.
  15. It was definatly meant for you to eat there. I'm sure you are his hero!
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    Jamison, When he got over it he and his family left, my wife and I finished our meal and made the 4 hour drive home. I don't know his name nor does he know mine and we my never meet again and that's ok. The thing I do know is that we both left there feeling better and being blessed.

  17. Roger, what you did is amazing! You never know what might have happened if you hadn't been there to do that. I know that had to be a scary situation. God bless u!