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  1. I have a classic 70 G2 EXP for sale. It has never been out of the box. It comes with the 3 collars and charger in the black plastic case like you see in sporting goods store. I will take 275.00 shipped to your door once I receive payment.

  2. pa beagler

    pa beagler New Member

    dead - eye i sent you an instant message to consider it sold. i need contact info.
  3. Echo Hill's

    Echo Hill's Member

    OH me what a deal!:smack: Two of the collars would cost you $260 plus shipping. I need 2 collars for mine but why not buy the whole deal for $15 dollars more!!!

  4. Jeff Gammon

    Jeff Gammon Active Member

    I am never around when a great deal happens
  5. pa beagler

    pa beagler New Member

    dead-eye in the top right hand corner you will see a listing for private messages. there you will find my phone number and email address. contact me to arange the details. thank you.
  6. pa beagler

    pa beagler New Member

    thanks for getting back to me
  7. PA, wanna make some money on that deal? :D:smack:
  8. pa beagler

    pa beagler New Member

    would love to be able to help you out but i didn't get it. it was already sold i thought i had it. guess it wasn't my day to get lucky.