SOLD-Owens dog box-SOLD

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  1. 12Gauge

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    Owens Hunter Series dog box, aluminum diamond plate measures 36x30x19.5.It will fit in you SUV, UTV or on a ATV,
    has been used 1 season. Wanting to sell to buy a larger insulated one, $325, if more pictures are wanted give me an address.
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  2. RKW

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    That's a nice box Cecil and a good deal. I would take it off your hands if I didn't have one.


  3. daveh

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    what part of the country you live in. dave:headscratch:
  4. 12Gauge

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    I live in Crossett Ar. S/E corner of the state , close to La. line.
  5. 12Gauge

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    Dog box is sold
  6. Thank goodness. Now I can quit looking and acting like a spoiled kid when the wife says "no".:D:D