SOLD-FC sired AKC reg. 15 month old running female-SOLD

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    She's out of one of my favorite and best females and FC Sam's Husting Otis. Hunts good, handles good, and is easy to catch. I had every intention of keeping her but I've finally decided to sell her mostly because she's only about 11" tall which makes it hard to for her to keep up with my other dogs. Its not for lack of desire or anything like that, its just that her size gives her a disadvantage as far as speed goes. She can run the fire out of a rabbit, she just needs to go to someone that runs a flat medium speed dog. She could keep up with a pack like that.​


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    No, I sure dont but I could take one in the next few days.
  3. dont worry about the pic---i just like looking at the dogs you put on here. can she do it by herself or is she a pack dog? she ever been bred? ever ran deer? ever had shock collar on?
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    She can jump and circle one by herself and she'll pack with other dogs. With my dogs she's more of a pack dog because she doesnt have enough foot to run the front. She'd probably get alot more done with a pack of dogs more her size.

    Never been bred.

    I cant remember her specifically ever running a deer but Im sure she's been in a pack that has and was shocked off. So yes, she has had a shock collar on before. I almost always run mine with shock collars just in case.
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    Make me an offer.

    Might even do some tradin'. I dont really need any more dogs though.
  6. What part of Ar. are you in ? I'm looking for a dog I can hunt solo, for now
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    I live in central Arkansas just outside of Cabot. Its about 20 miles north of Little Rock.
  8. That's a pretty good drive from here. By chance do you know of anyone around the Okla. area that has some good dogs ?
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    Hey FB. I like a flat med speed dog. What is the mother of this female ped. look like. And do you have any pictures of her. Thanks Clinton
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    Your female

    i'm looking for a solo and she sounds good.
    do you ever ship dogs?
    I',m in Pa.
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    Mr. Graham-If youll click on this link: then scroll down to Copperhead Hill Abby you can see her pedigree. Spring River Hoppy is her momma.

    aggenaro-Id probably ship one but I never have before.

    Ive got a guy coming from Ft. Smith Saturday to look her so she might be sold.
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    Good looking web site. She has a good looking pedigree.If you dont sell her let Me know. I like the looks of your Gracie gyp. I have a male that is a full litter mate to her that I really like and have had several litters of pups out of him that have done well. Thanks Clinton
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    Thanks for the compliments on the site.

    I really like Gracie. The only problem Ive really got with her is that she's got a little extra mouth sometimes but she has so much hunt and desire that Ill probably never get rid of her.

    Ill let you know if the guy doesnt buy her.
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    He changed his mind about her and decided he wants one that I have that is older than she is so this female is for sale again.

    If your interested in her and a male that is around 6 months old (half blackcreek/half Otis) and is lightly started, Ill make you a heck of a deal. I took him on a trade and he goes to other dogs when they open and packs up and runs with em but Im not sure he's really locked in just yet. I dont think it would take a whole lot more work to get him going.

    One way or another Im gonna cut back on dogs...
  16. FB are you getting my private messages?
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    I got two tonight around 7:15 or so. Did you send any others?

    This female is tentatively sold.
  18. no just the two--thanks for replying