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SOLD-Blackcreek females-2 listed-selling one-SOLD

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Dogwood Bottom Blackcreek Diamond
Nice medium speed Blackcreek. Good hunt. No extra mouth. Packs up well and runs well. Just a good solid rabbit dog. My only problem with her is that she’s kennel shy. Ive never seen a dog like this before but if you pen her up with other dogs especially in a big pen, she doesn’t like to be caught. If you pen her up by herself its no problem at all to catch her. The strangest part is that she isn’t any problem at all to catch in the field. You can just walk right up to her and catch her easily. She just had a litter of pups when I bought her a month or so ago and hasn’t been run a whole lot but Ive been taking her at least once a week and she is starting to get back in shape. If it wasn’t for the kennel shy part I wouldn’t take less than $500 for her cause she’s worth that imo.


Rock Hills Blackcreek Molly


This one should turn out to be a really nice Blackcreek female if you like that line. Good hunt, good line control, and only a little bit of extra pop now and then that I think she’ll outgrow once she gets a little more age and experience. She runs toward the back with my SPO dogs so Id consider her a flat medium speed. She’s just a pup and isn’t much more than started right now so she might pick up a step or two. She definitely has the pedigree and potential to be a nice dog especially for someone that has the time to put into her.


Ill show both dogs in the field. My plan right now is to sell one and keep the other one.

Pictures and pedigrees can be seen at http://copperheadhillbeagles.com/dogs.htm

Diamond is sold and Im gonna keep Molly for awhile.
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