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SOLD-Blackcreek female-SOLD

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AKC registered

whelped 7/1/07

Sire: Blackcreek Coal
Dam: Goss Blackfork Lilly

Very good hunt and runs good. For a rabbit hunter where the most important thing is jumping and circling a rabbit back to the gun, she's a good dog, she's just a little stronger than what I really like.

She's a little timid. Nothing major but she aint gonna come to you and jump on your leg or anything like that. Gets better once she gets to know you.

She belongs to Van Banks of Forrest City but I have her here at Cabot if you want to see her run.

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blackcreek female

Looking for a nice blackcreek female,,i want her to run a little strong,,very good jump dog no extra mouthing,,justa rabbit hunter no trialing
She's back in Forrest City and as far as I know, Van still has her.

I can pm you his number if you want to give him a call.
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