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  1. FB

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    Rock Hills Blackcreek Molly


    This one should turn out to be a really nice Blackcreek female if you like that line. Good hunt, good line control, packs up with other dogs. Has been hunted and shot over.

    The only thing I dont like is her foot speed (flat medium and I prefer one with just a little more foot) and she has popped off a few times when she shouldnt have. I think she'll outgrow the pop (its not very much or very often anyway) and she might even pick up a step or two with age and experience.

    She runs toward the back with most of my other dogs but she seems content to just hold her spot and run where she is and doesnt fight for the front or anything like that. She’s just a pup and isn’t much more than started right now so she might pick up a step or two. She definitely has the pedigree and potential to be a nice dog especially for someone that has the time to put into her.

    This is a nice female and Im not selling her because there's anything wrong with her, Im selling her because a dog that I sold and never should have is up for sale and Im wanting to buy her back.

    $400 and thats what Ive got in her.

    Id prefer to show her in the field and let you make up your mind.

    Picture and pedigree can be seen at
  2. Larry

    Larry Active Member

    I am interested in your female. Where do you live and would it be possible to know where you live and if I could get someone to pick her up if you are close enough for it to be convienent.

  3. FB

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    I live in central Arkansas about 20 miles from Little Rock.

    Where are you from?

    I know several people that travel to field trials and might be able to work something out to help get her someplace.
  4. Larry

    Larry Active Member

    I am from Bonifay, Florida about 40 miles South of Dothan Alabama. They have a lot of trials in Ala. I know. They also have one on the Ala. and Miss. line.
  5. FB

    FB Administrator Staff Member

    I dont know if we could make it work it or not but it looks like I might be going that way (sort of anyway) in the next week or so.

    I bought a dog that is in S. Carolina and my wife and I are thinking about driving out there and picking her up ourselves since Im having trouble finding someone that can bring her this way.

    I just hate to sell one without you seeing her run first to make sure you like her.
  6. Larry

    Larry Active Member

    I understand that, but I like the Blackcreeks and don't want to much foot on one, you can put the foot in a litter of puppies in one crossing but it takes forever to get it back out. If you can work it out and we can get her down this way I will take her anyway. If not I do appreciate it and hope you the best with your hounds.
  7. FB

    FB Administrator Staff Member

    Good advice that Im sure gonna try and remember!

    If youll pm me your phone number Ill call you and we can talk about it. If you buy her and we can work out a meeting place Ill be glad to deliver her at least most of the way.
  8. Larry

    Larry Active Member

    My phone number is 850 547-3781.
  9. Larry

    Larry Active Member

    call me back I need to ask you a question.
  10. Larry

    Larry Active Member

    I really like the little female and espect her to be just what I wanted. She can actually go through a check and work it like I want one to do. She may not be the first one there but she will do her part when she does get there. I expect to get some nice pups from her. I have a male that has a lot of Cotton Country Black Ace in his pedigree and this should work very well. I have a female directly off of Back Roads Buddy now bred to my male so hope to have some black pups before long.
  11. FB

    FB Administrator Staff Member

    Ive been meaning to call you and see what you thought about her. I could see alot of potential and Im sure glad you like her.

    She'll probably be one of many that I should have kept. :smack:
  12. beagleman01

    beagleman01 Active Member

    FB thats my luck:smack:
  13. rosco

    rosco New Member

    where are all theese Alabama /trials. I usually travel 3 hours or so.

    I live in Mobile Alabama
  14. Larry

    Larry Active Member

    I have been out of beagles for a while but there are several trials in Alabama, but you are like myself, we live to far south. There was one this weekend at Jackson Gap that West Ala. Beagle Club put on. I know of about four clubs but they are all 3 to 4 hours from me. The closest club to me is South Miss. and I will be going there some.