Year and half old (7/3/21)
Upper/Medium Speed

Reason I am selling is we are running 10 females, and he is one of the only 2 males we have. He is cold nosed and will bark before rabbit is up, He is quick compared to what our other dogs are, runs front of pack fairly often. We regularly hunt in deer country and he doesn't regularly run off game, he will if all other dogs take off with deer, but never have problems from him. Collar broke, will come back to you/truck on tone. Acts good in the kennel, doesn't bark all night. Gets along fine with other dogs, has always been kenneled with multiple dogs. Honestly I hate to get rid of him because he is one of our top hunters, but not getting to hunt him much because always have a female in heat or something. Has been gunned over extensively with absolutely no problems. Has always had all shots, and has been heart worm prevented since I got him at 5-6 months old. Welcome to come hunt with him before purchase, we regularly hunt in NE Arkansas, and SE Missouri. Also willing to trade for some mini tt15 collars and alpha 200 or i handheld. Or high end truck box for full size truck.