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SOLD-AKC Lemon males for sale Tenn-SOLD

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I have 2 AKC Reg. lemon and white males for sale. 4 1/2 months old. Will be around 14" tall when grown. Parents are medium speed gundogs. See pedigree at http://espomagazine.com/pedigrees/12103.htm
Mack Cullins
1563 Farris Chapel Road
Belvidere, TN. 37306
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Man those sure are pretty lemon pups, I really lke the way they are built, nice houndy heads
I'm asking $200 each or $300 for pair. I'm keeping all the females. I don't dislike males so much but I have 3 young males out of 3 different FC and another so called Black Creek male that I think highly of.
Nice Pups you should keep those together. They would make a good looking pack.:up:
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