SOLD-4 blackcreek bred male pups for sale-SOLD

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired Classifieds' started by Jeff Gammon, Nov 22, 2009.

  1. Jeff Gammon

    Jeff Gammon Active Member

    $150 each. Parents are good medium speed rabbit dogs
  2. FB

    FB Administrator Staff Member

    Those sure are some fine lookin' pups. :up:

  3. Jeff Gammon

    Jeff Gammon Active Member

    All sold if the guy comes from Mississippi tommrow
  4. pups

    do you have any pups left
  5. Jeff Gammon

    Jeff Gammon Active Member

    I have 2 males left. The guy from Mississippi never showed up. If they don't sel by the end of Dec. I will keep them and start them the end of Jan
  6. Jeff Gammon

    Jeff Gammon Active Member

    My phone number is 870-335-9469 and my cell is 870-740-2876.
  7. Owl Creek

    Owl Creek New Member

    Fine looking pups.
    nice ears and heads marked up just right.
    are they AKC.
    you should charge more. like $200
  8. Jeff Gammon

    Jeff Gammon Active Member

    They are AKC. Got 2 guys wantin them
  9. Owl Creek

    Owl Creek New Member

    man i like the looks of them.

    i did not know anything about blackcreeks befor i come to this site.
    i looked at a video the other day, i think it was on rob's site.
    all i can say is WOW.
    thats how we like'em to run one ( except a lil'faster)
    but on this paticuler run they was clipping along pretty good.
  10. Jeff Gammon

    Jeff Gammon Active Member

    Speed is not as big a deal to me as it is to some. I guess that is why I am satisfied with a mediun speed hound, as long as they run it right. These hounds fit me perfect at this point im my life. When I was younger You probally couldn't have give me one of these. I wanted every thing to go faster, cars, dogs, and everything else in life. Wasn't to awfully concerned about control as long as it was at least faster than the other guys. Age has had a way of changing me. Some people as old as me or older still like things smoking fast, and theres nothing wrong with that, but I my taste for things fast has changed. I just hope later in life I don't ever get to the point of wanting a peanut roller, but if that is what makes me happy at thet point that is what I will have
  11. Owl Creek

    Owl Creek New Member

    i dont like them to run faster than there nose.
    if it's a bad day and they run it a bit slower than med. thats fine
    if it's a good day and they run it med-fast good job.
    i dont like alot of stop and go.
    i'm getting into a new line. i have had some mis-mached ones. i havent been at this for a long time. and was not really sure what i liked.
    i could not of told you the diffrence in a 4 or a 8. as far as speed
    i am sure i am getting what i want now. it took me a while tho.
    i have been reading up on this breeder sence early 2008.
    and i am now just getting pups from them.
    but the black creeks i saw on the video were doing a outstanding job.
    and at a good pace.
    i could live with the med. speed blackcreeks.
    but i am going to stand by my plan. i have put alot of time into it..LOL
  12. cromer

    cromer New Member

    what are there breding and are they still forsale
  13. Briar

    Briar Active Member

    black creek female

    looking for a nice blackcreek female,,,hoping you might have one forsale,,no extra mouth nice jump dog,,,prefer mostly black ,,could not get your pictures to come up on your pups,

    thanks Billy
  14. Jeff Gammon

    Jeff Gammon Active Member

    Don't have any for sale right now. Going to breed my best bitch within the next week though