So who actually won?

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  1. I hear all ya'll talking about the Ed Gordon trial last weekend, but I ain't heard anybody bragging about who won. Anybody we know?:headscratch:
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    Blev, I'm like you I don't know which dogs won but I know that everyone there was a winner because they were a great bunch of guys.


  3. Did you take any of your dogs? How'd they do? I been wanting to try this out, but I have never put my dogs with anybody else's dogs, and I really don't know how that would work out. I'd hate to drive a long way like that only to look like a fool, because my dog's an a-hole. :banghead:

    Plus, I don't know how all that stuff works, and my dogs seem like good dogs, but I don't have anything to guage them by. Folks call their dogs med speed, and upper medium, well, I look at mine and say, hmm, :headscratch: This is my first pack of beagles to be around
  4. dblevens that was frist trail i ever went to my self and took two dogs the frist day one did't do nothing the other dog did ok ...the second day my d ogs did ok ...the resul..ts or on the field trail page.... you never know how dogs wii do until you try it
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    Here are the pictures and some of the information:

    I didnt have the paperwork with me so I knew the owners but didnt know the dogs names on most of them.

    Ill try to get in touch with Crofford and get him to put the dogs names that I didnt know.

    The only way to really know what format your dogs fit or how theyll do is to go to one and put em on the ground.

    Everybody went to their first trial one time. :wink:
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    congrats to the winners