Snake in the Rabbit Hutch

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  1. My nephew called me tonight and he told me that he was taking the baby to see the rabbits after he got home from work today and when he opened the door to look at the baby rabbits , he was scared by a blacksnake about 7 foot long and about as big around as his forearm . He said it had eaten 2 medium sized babies .

    He let it go in hopes it keeps the copperheads away . He had a puppy bitten by one last year .

    I told him if it gets in there again to bring it over to my property and let it loose .
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    Will the blacksnakes kill the copperheads?
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    Had a young man cut my yard for the last three weeks while I have been working some long hours. He told me he killed a copperhead yesterday. All snakes in Tennessee that are not rattlesnake are copperhead to most people. I looked at it and it was a copperhead. Not more than ten yards from my dog pen. Makes me wonder if there are more.
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    In Carolina we call Copperhead Papa leaf they are the hardest to see I come home the other day my neighbor killed a 8- foot black snake I said what you do that for he said his last name was snake
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    Correction he said 7 foot 3 inches
  6. I have always been told they will keep the poisonous snakes away , but I don't know that to be true .
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    Fay nc
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  8. Now that is a big copperhead .

    I have to watch what I tell now after watching the local news the other night . They were reporting on copperhead snakes and said last year there were a lot of them and this year it is going to be worst .

    They said that there was a $1000 dollar fine for killing any snake in the state of Va. .
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    I know a king snake will kill and eat a poisonous snake.Saw alot of them growing up in Ga.. Most folks wouldnt kill them for that reason.Some would get very big ,and pretty colored snakes.Never seen one in my area of Tenn.Ive never heard that a rat snake would kill a poisonous snake.They do eat young rabbits and im sure wipe out a nest.I killed two big chicken snakes bushogging one summer and both had just ate a 1/4 grown rabbit.Good pic of copper heads mwitter.Good to know what they look like.Hope i never see one.
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    That’s two copperheads they were breeding
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    At least they died with a smile on their face!
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    At least they died with a smile on their face!
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    X2. Y’all can keep em
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    My momma told me at a young age that all snakes were straight from hell and I still believe her
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    I don't doubt it's true rattlesnakes are on the endangered species in North Carolina and it is illegal to kill them
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    That’s my friends dog looking at a black snake down in Georgia