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Discussion in 'Beagle Health' started by rosco, Apr 1, 2010.

  1. rosco

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    Saw a snake last night while we were running.
    What do you guys keep for the dogs in case of a snake bite ?
  2. Bglenut

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    Prednisone is carried in my truck all of the time as well as an antibotic. The prednisone only cost $11.00 bucks at my vet for 30 pills. Very cheap insurance for snake bites.

    I keep some Dexmethasone in my frige and put it in an ice chest when I go to the field.
    Dexmethasone is a anti inflamitory steroid it can hampper the effectiveness of the venom if given before the damage occors and will help with shock pain and inflamation the sooner it is administerd the less effect the bite will have you dont want to wait till your dog is all swollen up to give it thats kind of like wating till your house has burnt to the ground to call the fire department

    I have dogs that are 15 to 30 lbs I give 9cc or 18mg it will usualy take care of things but if they are still swollen after 12 hrs I will give 3 cc more but usually the first dose is plenty and the dogs are ready to run the next day if given before the swelling gets bad your vet should perscribe you a $14 to $20 100 ml bottle quick treatment in the feild it will do alot more for your dogs than the vet can an hour or two latter once your dog is all swollen up tight I carry it with me or keep it in my dog box depending on the weather since it needs stored between 35 and 85 degrees dont freeze it or cook it and it will be fine.
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  3. salzer mtn

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    I've had beagles for 40 years, i run mine alot in the summer time. I can't count the number of dogs that have been copperhead bit. The only thing i have ever done for them is give them warm some salty meat grease and keep them in a cool place. I have never lost a dog to a snake bite (copperhead)they will be sick for a while but will get over it.
  4. deltadog

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    Get a bottle of DMSO for the swelling, a bottle of Dex, and some pen-g... Thats all we use, with excellent results.
  5. RKW

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    David is right you can't beat Dexamethasone, I had a dog the must have taken a full hit from a cottonmouth as his head swelled as big as a football almost instantly. He looked awful. I gave him about 8 cc and the next morning all and I mean all of the swelling was gone. I had kept Dex on hand for my roping horses if they stocked up to take the swelling out of their legs and my Vet advised me of this use too. It really works. It will stay in my medicine cabinet.

  6. beagleman01

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    steroids and antibiotics
  7. dbounds

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    Good information. I'm going to check in to the Dexamethasone. I've always carried Benadryl and given it as soon as I knew they were bit. I don't get too concerned about copperheads and cottonmouths, but did loose one to a rattler once!
  8. we have used dexmethasone with excellent results most dogs that get bit by a copperhead will only be sick but the if there neck swells or throat swell to much it cut off the air way thats where the dex comes in and keeps the swelling to a minimum and it never hurts to put them on antibiotics when you get them home as well.
  9. I personally use a stun gun and keep one with me at all times and especially in the summer time and i use it on the dog in the area it was bitten and sense using the stun gun have not lost a hound or pup and generally my hound free roam,hunt with out my presents and i live on the river and several times had young hounds come home swollen up and after using the stun gun in the area bitten the swelling goes down within 30 minutes and the young hound is playing as if it was never bitten,so it works for me.There are those that are allergic to snake bit venom serum/shots and i know a guy that raises exotic snakes that are very venomous and he was bitten and his wife used electrical shock on him to save his life..below is a link that will shead some light on the practice of shock treatment for snake bits.
  10. High Rock Beagles

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    Right there with David!! I had 4 bit last summer by Copperheads. gave them a shot of Dexmethasone and some antibotics. All did great. Had to lance the lower jaw area on one to drain infection.(Sharp razor blade) Learn that from my Vet.
  11. do you give the dex just under the skin or in the muscle?
  12. Beagler282

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    Was at a hunt in MO.with beagleman01 couple of weeks ago and had a guys dog get bit on the foot by a snake.I gave him 3cc's under the skin of DEX and gave him another 2 cc's 2hrs later along with some benadryl.By the end of the day the dog was up and moving around like nothing happened.

    I was also at the GA state hunt this past weekend and another dog was hit in the head by a copperhead.Gave him some DEX also and he was doing very well later that night and eating his food.You can't go wrong with keeping a bottle of DEX on hand.
  13. RKW

    RKW Active Member

    I give it in the muscle. You can also give it suscataniuosly but it takes longer to have any effect.

  14. 8cc's is alot of stuff to be putting in a muscle but if it works it works. i lost a dog a couple of years ago to a rattler. i did try the shock thingy but all i had was a shock collar. turned it up on high and zapped him right on the bite three times. it really did seem to have a positive effect on him. i took him to the vet any how and they keep him over night and he died the next morning. first time the vet had lost a dog to a snake bite. he thanks the snake just poured alot of venom to him and his body could get through it. who knows.:headscratch:
  15. RKW

    RKW Active Member

    You're right 8cc may seem like a lot because I give 10cc to my horses if they stocked up in the stalls. It is like penecillin in that the body only uses so much at a time and anymore is in the system as needed. This was on a 70lb Lab that recieved the 8cc. The Dex for swelling and I would use Penicillin for antibiotics. Snake bites are very nasty. Dex Works.

    I just got re-certified on my CPR and Environmental First Aid and I don't know about dogs but as for humans it tell us absolutely DO NOT use Electric Shock on a snake bite. This is presented in Large Bold Print in the Health and Safety Student Workbook.

  16. rosco

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    I had a dog bitten Sat. night. I did not have any Dex on hand.
    I gave her benyderel (Spelling ?) and an antibotic cream. I took some advice and fed her warm salty meat. ( I don't know why but "I did )
    She is still a little sore but seemed to be ok this morning.

    Looking for a vet to get Dex from. The one I called would not give it to me.
  17. bterry

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    Good luck with her rosco hope you can get her over it
  18. RKW

    RKW Active Member

    Rosco, I'm curious would the Vet not give the dog a shot of Dex for you or just not sell you the Dex to give it yourself? It is prescription I think but my Vet will sell me a bottle but I have used him for years and he knows I can give it, however, it is a steroid and I'm sure some people will abuse it.

  19. rosco

    rosco New Member

    I tried to get the Dex from him last week. He would not give it to me.
    I am going to find me a good country vet.
    My wife is a R.N. she should be able to give him her.

    I have not been to the vet since the dog got bit. I am using some of the advise on this forum and it seems to be working out. I think the swelling has reached it's peak and taht was my main concern as the bite was on the neck. The swelling seems to be localized around 1/2 of her neck. If the swelling has indeed stopped I believe we will be in gdd shape. I gaveher a benadrel ( spelling ) tonight. I vleaned the wond with alcohol and put an antibiotic cream on her neck.
  20. RKW

    RKW Active Member

    Rosco it sounds like she will be alright now. I certainly hope so. I wish you could have got some Dex for her so you could have seen how fast the swelling would go down. It is almost unbelievable. Good luck with her.