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Nice site, just have to get members, I'll invite all who have joined our Acadiana Beagle Club site. Although the Acadiana site has not grown like I thought it would it is a handy site for the members who have choosen to join.

I know you were into the Otis bloodline at one time, have you changed over to all Blackcreeks now???? I love the Blackcreeks but have mostly Shorts bred dogs in my kennel at this time. Had thought I wanted to get into the Otis dogs but the ones I did own just didn't work out with the Shorts dogs I had so had to make a decision which to keep and I had more Shorts dogs then Otis dogs and went that route, although I will be honest I don't like all about them, but I haven't had problems with skirting or cheating with none of them, if I had to fault them with anything it would be grit before the rabbit is up and kennel manners.

Here in South Louisiana most of the Blackcreeks don't look like any of the ones up your way. They have been outcrossed and look nothing like the ones Robbie owns. Just a couple guys have dogs similiar looking to Robbies but have to watch for crooked front ends and shyness they have linebred and inbred so close. I though I had found me the perfect Blackcreek female. She was the best dog in my kennel. I ran her regularly and was awesome. Then the day came for me to run her with someone else with me and she had nothing to do with the other person. Went way around him and would catch the line way on the other side. I was so disappointed I gave her away. What a shame. I had three males off of her that are Reaper on the top side, sold two as pups and kept one and he is just starting but shows no shyness in him and I think will be everybit as good as his dam. He hasn't been gunned yet but I don't think anything will faze him.

John Taylor
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Yeah, its gonna take awhile to build up membership. But ArkansasHunting started off with one member. :wink:

Most of my dogs are still Otis or Blackjack. I doubt I ever get completely away from em but I wanted to get a couple of Blackcreek females mostly due to their hunt and desire. I dont mean to sound like Im knockin' Otis dogs cause they have hunt and desire too and I really like the way they stay close on the line. I just wanted to get something a little different and give it a try.

I know what you mean about the kennel manners. I have a female that is heavy Shorts and she has one of the best noses Ive ever seen on a beagle but she barks constantly in the kennel.
hey freddie
very nice site thanks for the invite

Your welcome, thanks, and we're glad to have you.

Tell your other two friends about it too. If we can get them to join all three of us will be here. :razz: :fit:
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