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Discussion in 'The Tailgate' started by FB, Mar 1, 2010.

  1. FB

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    Yall got any ideas of stuff you might like to see here?

    Members are what makes a site and I want to keep an open mind about any and all things that yall might find useful or like to see.

    When I first had the idea for this place I wanted it to be strictly about beagles, rabbit hunting, and trialing. Now that Ive thought about it longer is that enough to keep it active year round?

    Should we maybe have a sports forum or something like that?

    People visit sites like this because theyre active and interesting. What would it take to get more people to post instead of just look? Should we require you to be a member before you can view the site at all?

    Im just trying to get some feedback from some of yall as to what we should or shouldnt do.
  2. RKW

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    FB there is a feature on Coondawgs that I like that is oriented toward their sport that I think members might appreciate on here. That would be a special thread for Venders where they could have their website advertised and we could find the info. we want and compare products and pricing. Last week I seached 5 or 6 Hunting forums to find a place to order collars and cradles and that would be made easier if we could click on here and locate several different options at one place.


  3. FB

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    Not a bad idea at all and something I will definitely look at. :wink:
  4. x2
  5. Spini Boys

    Spini Boys Moderator

    I like it the way it is, but would be open to anything really. I like polls that some sites take on variouse topics.
  6. How 'bout a bumper sticker for advertising? I'd put one on my truck in a heartbeat. Anybody know anybody that could make em?
  7. RKW

    RKW Active Member

    What do you want it to say? Or would you like me to start a thread to get some suggestions? lol I'm sorry, this is so good I'm already lmao.

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  8. i agree, bumper stickers are a great idea! i have seen alot of bumper sticker places for rabbit hunting that have a beagle chasing a rabbit and a place "YOUR TEXT HERE" that could say whatever you want.
  9. dbounds

    dbounds Active Member

    I saw one site that had contests. Like the moderator would post, "Lets see some good looking lemon and white beagles. Everyone would post pics of there hounds that fit that weeks catagory. Somehow they would vote and decide a winner. The next week it might be a black and tan beagle. You got to see a lot of hounds and everybody would post and give ther comments on the pics. You can take it as far as you want. During the summer you might post a big bass contest or in the spring a big gobbler. I know this is a beagle website, but variety might be key during the off season?
  10. that sounds like a good ildeal dbounds
  11. Bglenut

    Bglenut New Member

    What about a "Wanted Section" in the classified section ?

    Just asking
  12. FB

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    I can do most of those pretty easily.
  13. Bglenut

    Bglenut New Member

    or a Stud Dog Section where people can post Males they have for Stud.
  14. FB

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    I made some changes to the Classifieds like yall suggested.

    A stud dog section is probably a good idea too.
  15. Bglenut

    Bglenut New Member

    This site looks great
  16. FB

    FB Administrator Staff Member

    What can I do to the field trial section to make it more useful?

    What about leaving one to talk about field trialing in general but also giving AKC, UKC, NKC, etc. their own subforum?
  17. Roger has lots of good jokes, how bout givin him a " Thats funny right there, I don't care who you are..." section.
  18. 12Gauge

    12Gauge Active Member

    I agree I enjoy seeing dogs on these owners web site, but this would put them all together. Also will give those without their web site a place to show their dog.Like to see dog, little pedigree and price for service.