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    In Metamora Michigan they have a high priced horse ranch with numerous fox hounds that they run and hunt with. The Master of Hounds has a horn and those dogs don't go any where until he tells them, or by horn. It is quite amazing to see. Every once in a while our fox hunting partner John goes to the Hunt club and at times he will get a cull or a older foxhound that we use to hunt with. Problem is we do not use a horn, we just ride around the section looking for tracks, (snow) if tracks go and not coming out we turn out a cold nosed hound and once the fox or coyote is jumped we turn out more dogs. Fun times. I usually walk in with the dog, because once jumped the fox or coyote with circle once or twice in the section I have shot many that way before they go cross country.
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    The Midland Foxhounds are in Columbus, Georgia. They are one of the most famous packs of foxhounds in the world. The man who started the pack in the late 1940s was Ben Hardaway, truly a great hound breeder. If you want to read a good book, get a copy of his “Never Outfoxed”, which tells the story of how he developed his strain of foxhounds. The Midland is a SERIOUS pack of hounds.
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    Why would the snow stop them?
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