Silver Creek Picnic

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    Have any of you ever been to it?

    If you havent you need to. I went for the first time last year and was amazed at the number of dogs and people that were there. I think I read on the ESPO site that people come to that thing from 20 states.

    They had pups, started, and running dogs of just about every color and size a beagle comes in. If you were buying or selling a dog they had several enclosures you could run em in.

    Vendors were there selling all kinds of dog related stuff. I bought a bunch of collars, a dog box, and I dont remember what all else.

    If everything works out right I plan to go back this year.
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    Yea, its a great venue for the summer time.. I plan on being there this year.

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    We have been to Silver Creek and intend to go again this year. I really enjoyed it but next time I will go up earlier and stay all day on Friday and Saturday. Folks need to take some spending loot cause you will find something that you want!
  4. where is this located and what are the dates? sounds interesting!
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    It's on my Schedule this year. Last year was the first one I missed in 8 years.
  6. FB

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    Its near Henryville, In. I think its July 16 and 17 but dont hold me to it.

    I saw a webpage of it someplace but cant seem to find it now for some reason.
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    The Silver Creek Picnic July 16-17 2010!!!! It is in Henryville, IN - Look for the Ad in the May or June issue of Hounds and Hunting Magazine.

    Here is a ad for last years Picnic :

    JULY 17 & 18, 2009

    This is beagling's largest non-trial event, and attracts people from 20 plus states. This year's picnic will be bigger and better than ever before. Gas prices are down, and everyone is looking for a better dog. Our members are out gathering select items for our raffles and live auction. We have 3 high-quality guns: a 20 gauge Browning automatic, a 44 caliber Marlin lever action (deer legal in KY and IN) and a .17 caliber bolt action with thumb hole and laminated stock. Also, there will be several custom knives, dog boxes, gas grill, your choice of all stud services donated, and at least a half dozen or more other nice items to raffle. The live auction always has some junk, but also many very nice items. We expect to have the highest quality items ever for this year's event.

    There will also be an absolute auction for running dogs and pups. Dogs are never in short supply, and each year some very nice hounds are sold, as well as many very well bred pups. Expect to have hundreds to choose from. Sam Butler will be there to help you buy or sell a dog. Each owner of a dog for sale is asked to let us post the information about their dog on one of our DOGS FOR SALE boards. Sam will talk to sellers and buyers and help get them together so deals can be made. Running dogs can be tried in 1 of our 4 enclosures. There is a $5.00 charge to the seller of each dog sold. Kennel space is first come, first serve, as are our camping spots with hook ups. We have showers in the Clubhouse, so if you want to come and campout, you are welcome. There will be a silent auction for all the stud services donated. Last year, we had over 60 of the best. Many stud dog owners bring their champions for you to see, and some run them on Saturday morning, weather permitting. We have a great supply of rabbits, plus members living close by with training pens if the club's pens get too crowded. If you bring a Field Champion to run, we do ask that you run them Saturday morning so our guests can see them.

    Speaking of the weather, we are due a great weekend - no rain in the forecast and high's in the low 80's. Bring the entire family. There is something for everyone. We do ask everyone to please bring a covered dish or dessert for the big picnic lunch on Saturday.

    Vendors are welcome, as always. Each year we have the best selection of dog supplies on the planet. Most vendors have specials just for our picnic. Tri-Tronics normally donates a training collar for our raffle, and Purina always shows up with something special.

    LISTEN UP! We are doing things a little differently again this year!

    Everything officially gets started on Friday morning with breakfast, consisting of biscuits, sausage, gravy and eggs. Dogs can be traded all day, and a lunch of hot dogs, brats and chips will be served. Friday evening will bring our BBQ supper. Raffle tickets on some very special items will be sold all day Friday and Saturday, and ALL raffle items will be given away on Saturday.

    Saturday, we will have our Parade of Champions at 11:00 am (EDST). Bring your Field Champion, male or female, and show them off. Pictures will be taken for all the trade magazines. At noon on Saturday, we will have our famous <big>FREE </big> picnic lunch. Then, at 1:00 pm (EDST), our live auction will begin. Saturday evening will bring a supper of pizza and hot wings (and, possibly, leftovers from lunch), followed by a drawing of all raffle items. At 7:00 pm (EDST) the MAB will have their award presentation. After that, the DJ's will take over, and we will have our dane and singing by some famous and not so famous Beaglers. If you are too shy to sing, look up Randy Snapp, he always has a bottle of "clear" courage to help you out.

    On Sunday morning, we will once again serve breakfast, and you are welcome to stay as long as you would like to buy, sell, and trade dogs. You won't want to miss out on some of the best deals going!

    For more information, please contact:

    Sam or Rita Butler, [email protected]

    Kevin or Missy Cole, [email protected]

    Hope to see you all there!

    Missy Cole
  8. hmmm...i'm actually gonna be in indiana for a reunion the 10th abd 11th of July...would be nice if it fell on the same weekend:D
  9. well, i just caught the post with all the info and dates..i doubt i can keep my wife up there another week to catch it.
  10. Bglenut

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    Send her home and you can stay & play
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    Yeah, its a great gathering of everything dog related! I cant wait to attend! Now I need to put back some green leaves......
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    Last year Leonard Robinson and I had big plans for the picnic. We were taking our wives and they were going to stay at the motel and relax, get on the internet, read, etc. while we went and ran dogs and all that stuff. Then we'd take em to eat at night and spend a little time with them.

    Three days before we were supposed to leave Leonard tore his knee up playing basketball and had to have surgery. :smack:

    We're supposed to go back this year but I told him he cant play basketball at all that week.

    When it gets closer we need to come up with a list of who all is going and maybe we can meet up someplace or at least know who to look for.
  13. Its good time. Good people there.
  14. Dennis and I are looking into going and setting up to try to sell some hats and such. We are trying to get in touch with the right people to insure we have a spot. I hope to see you all there!!!
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    been once several years ago might need to go back it was alot of fun
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    Silver creek picnic
    july 16-17-18

    friday july 16 come run, buy, sell, trade hounds

    saturday july 17
    stud fee silent auction, live auction, raffles
    parade of field champions- normally several fc's are run sat a.m.

    Breakfast, lunch, & dinner served friday & saturday
    sunday breakfast

    stay & party sat night- the party dj's will be there to get the party started after the mab awards

    hotels scottsburg-holiday inn express, mariann travel inn(1.800.648.0662) , hampton inn, quality inn

    hotels sellersburg-ramda inn, comfort inn, days inn

    camper hook ups available first come first serve
    showers available in clubhouse

    full page adverstisement in june h&h and the rabbit hunter

    2520 beagle club road underwood in 47177
  17. Maybe

    I brought up the subject to my wife and she didn't shoot it down......said she would check into it. So I think she is going to see if there will be anything there to interest her and the boys. We will see.:up:
  18. FB

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    Leonard, dbounds, and myself are going to head up there Thursday morning on the 15th.

    We thought about leaving Thursday night and driving straight through but decided to leave Thursday morning instead so we could get a good nights sleep and not be rushed to get there.

    If anybody needs a dog hauled either way let us know. We'll have a trailer and should have plenty of room.
  19. Count me out, I will be on a 80 hr. work week that week! Darn it! Hey FB tell DBounds I said hello!
  20. FB

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    Some of yall need to take lessons from us on how to keep working and making a living and wives and other things get in the way of having fun! :hide: :wink: