short video from 12/09/09

Discussion in 'Pictures' started by FB, Dec 10, 2009.

  1. FB

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    Its not much to look at really. Dogs werent pushing it very hard but as windy as was Im just glad they were moving it at all.

    They were slotted up pretty good though and I sure like to see that. :thumb:
  2. Michael Gerace

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    Mr. FB, they sure look good to me. I just picked up my two little blackcreeks 8mth male and 7mth female out of the starting pen at Mr. Kenny Wilson's place in McCall Creek Mississippi ( I am really excited about them. As young as they are I was suprised at how well they ran. Definitely leaps and bounds ahead of the game compared to when I first dropped them off.

  3. Looken good FB that wind was a whippen it
  4. FB

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    Its amazing what they can do once that little light goes off in their head and they realize how much fun it is to run a rabbit. :thumb:
  5. Owl Creek

    Owl Creek New Member

    well if you dont think that was much to look at.
    i would really like to see what you think is good.
    look like they were doing a fine job. with or with out wind.
    is that black creeks or otis?
  6. FB

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    Im pretty critical (sometimes too critical) especially if theyre mine.

    All of those are Otis/Black Jack. I really like that line and am going to tighten it up even more in the future.
  7. Owl Creek

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    i am the same way. i down mine if they dont do what i think they should. my wife gets so mad at me for it too.
    but i need to watch doing it on the boards... LOL.
    i come in one day from running and i must of got up on the wrong side of the bed.( i do this alot according to my wife) anyway i got on here and did a rant. and i should not of did that.
    i been think'in about calling ol' monty to see if i can play with my pup in his pin. i
    m not haveing any luck trapping any rabbits this year.
  8. RKW

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    Good video and good looking dogs too!
  9. hunterathart

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    Them are my kind of dogs. I like them.