Short video clip, Louisiana Gundogs

Discussion in 'Pictures' started by John Taylor, Feb 13, 2010.

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    Nice John, when I first heard that squall mouth dog I had to go look out the window to see if Bonnie was still in her kennel, that dog sounds alot like her

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    good looking dogs
  4. Good looking hounds and nice video
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    Good race and nice hounds. :up:

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    More Louisiana Gundogs!!!

    Before anyone views these I have to let everyone know that the dog that is seen out of place many times is an unstarted male. He is over a year old and I had given him to my grandson and had never been worked with. He has just realized he has a nose for something, but hasn't realized he is a dog yet and suppose to stay with his type.

    Pack of Males!

    Dogs in pack: Robo (Black collar) Joe (White collar) Buck (Bright Red collar) Mike's Joe (Green Collar) and Mike's Skippy (Nylon orange,redish collar)

    Not the prettiest race but had plenty water but the race lasted over two hours when we picked them up running to cast another pack.
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    Just watched them again!!!! Surely beat getting out in this heat.:up::up:
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    Nice clips. and runs.
    i like it when yall are cutting up and pickingat each other.
    nothing better than runn'in dogs with your buddys.
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    mouth at 17 second

    That probably would be Robo!!

    The dog with the differend voice is Robo!! I consider it more of a squall. Robo is the best dog in the pack if you view the video well. Not always the front runner but gets most of the checks.

    I consider all in this pack above average, all except the unstarted one that pops up every once in a while.

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    Good to see those Brew dogs doing good.
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    good looking hounds