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  1. I have a female beagle that when I went to feed them was having problems standing and finally fell over and started shaking some and then in about five minutes or so everything was fine. That was about two weeks ago and have not noticed her having another one until this evening when I went to feed again and she was having another one that lasted about five minutes and then she was fine. I have never had any of my other beagles that I have ever owned have problems like this so I am wondering if there is any medication to help with this problem or what? Any help would be appreciated and I am wondering if this is heriditary?:headscratch:
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    Vet Prescribed- Phenobarbital.. Given daily will relieve the seizures but won't cure her. Can be inherited but could be a sugar inbalance also.

  3. Thanks Echo Hills I will check with my vet tomorrow and see if about getting her sugar checked and also about the daily pills you recommended. I was thinking about breeding her on her next heat cycle but now I am wondering if it is heriditary if I will or not? What do you think?
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    Wait for the Vet's advice. May not be epilepsy but only a sugar problem that isn't inherited.
  5. i had one that was having what i call running fits. it was a sugar problem, give her something sweet before running her and she would never have one.
  6. Thanks for the advice I will check with vet on sugar problem and go from there.
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    I had a female that had epilepsy, I raised a litter of pups and the one i kept had it also. neither dog lived over 3 years. If it is epilepsy i would be cautious about putting to much of that blood in my kennel. hope its not and she turns out fine.
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    I have had 2 that had seizures and both times it was due to epilepsy. Both dogs came to me from a different kennel. Both were excellent hounds but the seizures kept me from breeding them.
    Both were on phenol and the seizures came on when stressed.
    I was able to control them but not eliminate them.

    For the betterment of the breed


    Lets not pass this on to another hunter by selling them a pup that could carry this on and be bred again and again and again.

    Have the dog fixed and enjoy what hunting pleasure and companionship that you can enjoy from her.:thumb:

    Good Luck.
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    had a buddy years back that had 2 that had seizures one was epilepisy the other was a surgar problem one got phenobarbitol the other a little extra sugar before we ran
  10. I had a dog that used have seizures and I started giving a tea spoon of brown sugar.
  11. I took my dog to the vet about two weeks ago and he did a full blood work exam and heart worm test. The blood work showed nothing wrong and no heart worms. He said the blood work showed that she was a very healthy dog. She has not had any more seizures.
  12. sounds like a sugar problem then my wife has a poodle that is like that now we use nutria cal no more problems pan cake syrup works as well
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    I agree with Joe. There's to many good solid hounds out there to pick from.
    Enjoy your hound but always breed for better...:up:
  14. give her some candy i have had the same problem i gave her some candy and it just quit it come from them not having enough sugar .
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    In your case it is not a sugar issue.

    Get phenobarbitol from the Vet. They recommend it for everyday use but may damage the liver and get expensive that way. I had the same problem and would only give the phenobarbitol a day or so before I knew I was going to run her and it all worked out. I would not breed this dog unless it doesn't bother you because it is genetics and the offspring will probably have it also, if it doesn't show in the next genertation it will show further down for sure. I had a male, very good dog and couldn't understand why the previous owner sold such a good dog for such a cheap price. After running him most of hunting season I noticed him foaming from the mouth one morning right after being cast. He disappeared almost in front of my eyes. I went to investigate after calling and he didn't come since he was usually an easy handler. I then saw him in full siezure in the swamp with his head under water. Had I not noticed he would of drowned. Put him on phenobarbitol and problem solved. I ended giving him to a guy that was just getting back into beagling since I had others without the problem and not planning on using him for anything else but pleasure running.

    Good Luck!!