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  1. I bought a pair of carhartt bibs last year to wear rabbit huntin, they are wore smooth out already, so I think that I will get a pair of actual briar pants when they go on sale this year. What does everybody recommend and have you seen any bargains yet?
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    Anytime this question comes up I recomend Mule Hunting Clothes.

    Theyre hard to beat imo.

  3. Where do you find them? I guess I could google it huh? Thanks.
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    i recommend filson tin clothe they are tough
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    I bought my son and I a pair of rabbit hunting bibs today from GT's feed and hunting supplies on hwy 58 in Georgetown Tn. Briar proof and water proof. They were 60 dollars each. Don't know much about them yet but he had a pair on that he said are 14 years old. They were still in real good condition. He has the coats to match for 50 dollars. If the bibs turn out to be any good I will buy the coat also. Gary, the owner of GT's invited us to go to an arha trial with him tommorrow so I will try to get some more info on the bibs. This will be our first field trial and we are both very excited about that.
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    Check further down this page and you'll see a thread, "Custom Emboidery/Mule Clothing. This is one of our site members! Good people!
  7. :smack:Why didn't I see that? I went there. I encourage everyone else to go there as well. I'm gonna go find me some bibs and order them through this place, I had to order me one of those hats. And the story about the little girl, wow. That hit home. Hey guys, buy it from them, it helps support ACH, what a wonderful place.
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    got some dan's brand really like them
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    crown point dog supply for the dan's brand bibs:thumb:
  10. Looking at some of these. Says on the website to order 2" bigger waist size if you wear them over jeans. Reckon that's about right? Seems awful big. do they have belt loops to wear a belt if they are too big? They are like $90, but if they will last a couple of years, they would be worth it, plus they are water proof.:headscratch:
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    Since having bought most of the rest my next purchase will have an emblem of a MULE on it. I think they have a very good tough product that is made for hunters. Echo Hills has been wearing his Mule Chaps when we were hunting and they are very well made.

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    I have a pair of mule bibs i like them pretty good,just wish they would make the leg zipper on the side longer to come up above my knees.
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  14. So how are they sized. Should I honestly order 2" larger for the pants? I don't want to get them too big if they don't have belt loops.
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    on the dan's it was 4 inches bigger than waist and 2 inches shorter in length and they fit perfect
  16. I have some of the bibbs as well as the chapps... I have to agree that the zipper on the side of the leg could be longer... but other than that there is no briars gettin thru these. My Dan's a year old now... are worn pretty badly and I do not tyhink they would make another year.

    I will order some mule pants and give them a runin as well...
    Yes give Missi a call (479.530.4006) and sge can get them in for ya.
  17. oh... and they do have belt loops...
    go ahead and order the larger size... as mentioned THEY DO NOT STRETCH like normal material. I wear a 33-34" waist pant and ordered 38" waist bibbs,
    and glad I did... Missi is ordering me some pants today so I can speak for them honestly, and I had her order me 36" waist.

    I will say... you will want to wear some type of garment uner them (I wear the Redhead Heat gear) to prevent chafing... they are thick, and do not give in!!!

    I like the pockets in the leg as my chapps have... I am having Missi bring up the zipper length for future manufacturing enhancements... now that I have heard from others on this issue.
  18. Thats exactly what I wear, so let me know how they work out. I'm gonna order mine after season anyway, and I'll definitely order from ya'll. Gonna get my name "Rabbit Slayer" embroidered across the butt of em. :D
  19. The web for Dan's and Mule recommend 2" shorter on the length... I went ahead and ordered 32" which is my normal inseam... they fit me fine.

    But the 38" waist on the bibbs... had I gone 36" I would not be able to have and insulation underneath on them COLD days.

    I went with the waterproof lining on my bibbs... had to wait a bout 6 weeks to get them... but well worth it once they got here. Mary was concerned about the lining as they do not breathe... but for winter running they are perfect... no wind or briars get thru.:thumb:. I have my unlined chaps for warmer weather. I also have a mule shirt that Missi has embroidered on the back (I have been reminding her to post a pic), the shirts are just as tough as the bibs and chaps!!!!